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Galaxy Watch and Gear Sport get super customizable watch faces thanks to Pujie Black

Customizable watch faces are an integral part of the smartwatch experience. What good is a digital display if you're not going to use it to make your watch look exactly like you want it to? That's why there are hundreds of designers making faces for every wearable platform, and apps such as Pujie Black that let you create your own. The popular app was previously restricted to Wear OS but is now also compatible with Tizen OS, namely Samsung's Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, and Gear Sport. Support for the Gear S3 is coming soon.

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Pujie Black for Wear OS adds custom images, cloud library feature, and more

Pujie Black is one of the best custom watch faces for Wear OS devices, and it has gone through update after update over the past few years. It's endlessly customizable — even more so with the latest update. Version 4.0 of the watch face is now available on the Play Store, with a few new major additions.

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Pujie Black Gets A Material Makeover, Shortcut Actions, Central Color Palette, And Plenty Of Nice Improvements

Out of all the watch maker applications on Android, Pujie Black is my favorite. I find the interface easier than WatchMaker, plus it's accessible on Android instead of requiring a web browser like Facer. I also love that I paid once for the app and I can get all of the community's creations for free and edit them to fit my personal needs. There's a learning curve to figuring out what everything does inside the app, but once you've got the hang of it, there are hundreds of things you can change to specifically tailor it to your preference. I personally like seeing my steps, the date, and PST timing (Artem's timezone) as the 3 Pujie indicators, and I love having a tap action to play/pause Pocket Casts specifically.

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