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Many years later, search operators for publisher names and titles are working again in the Play Store

Way back in 2012, Artem shared one awesome tip here on Android Police: how to limit your searches on the Play Store to just publisher names or words in the title of an app or game. (Yes, I know, back then Artem used to actually write articles here instead of hiding on Google+ and managing us writers like the puppet master that he's become.) However, that trick stopped working in February 2014, as reported by Artem himself in the comment section. And now, 3+ years later, it works again.

This may not be something that many people need/know/use, but for those of us who spend a lot of time looking for content on the Play Store (heck, it's a Chrome Search Engine for me!), search operators are an absolute must.

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Vivendi Succeeds In Hostile Takeover Of Mobile Game Publisher Gameloft

Earlier this year we reported that Vivendi, a media mega-corporation headquartered in Paris, was attempting to take control of prolific mobile developer and publisher Gameloft. It appears that they've succeeded: today the company announced that it has purchased a 61.71% share of Gameloft's public stock, giving it more than half of the voting rights for the corporation. The company offered 8 euro per share to existing shareholders in February in a conventional hostile takeover attempt.

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