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Android Oreo feature spotlight: Redesigned Wi-Fi info screen now shows Sign In button for public networks

Wi-Fi networks that use Captive portals (like a Sign In page) can be a real headache. You connect to them, and then try to figure out why nothing is loading, and finally Android shows the 'Sign in to network' popup. Starting with Android O, the Settings app makes it more obvious that you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

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Fire TV And Fire TV Stick Updates For Public Wi-Fi And Other New Features Are Rolling Out Now


Sorry, Travelers - Chromecast Won't Be Supporting Public Wi-Fi Networks Any Time Soon

In our Chromecast review, one of Ryan's complaints was that the device can't be used on public Wi-Fi networks, like hotels, for example. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon, according to John Affaki, Engineering Manager for the dev experience on Chromecast. That's a real bummer for anyone who travels frequently and was looking to supplement the crappy hotel TV for something new and interesting via Chromecasts.

Affaki took to an impromptu Q&A on Google+ to help explain a few lingering things about the unit, one of which was the device's inability to function on captive Wi-Fi networks – that is, one that's behind a login page, like most public hotspots.

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