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Google Maps adds quick access to your preferred transit lines and reorganizes notification settings

Changes are always afoot with the Google Maps app. Whether aimed at helping you get around or discovering and searching for places, new features frequently pop up. Today brings us two of them: a new Your transit section for quick access to your preferred public transport lines, and a better organized notification settings list.

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You can use Google Pay for some New York MTA trips starting May 31

One of the cumbersome things I deal with when traveling to a city with public transit is the transportation card. Not being used to carrying one and wanting to keep it safe but also quick to access, I struggle to find a decent place for it. Sometimes it's in my pocket, other times in my bag, and sometimes inside my phone's cover. So I can understand a daily commuter's annoyance of carrying these small, easily-losable cards around. That's why services like Google Pay, which aim to replace all your cards, including transit ones, are awesome. Transit card support has been slowly rolling out to various cities around the world, and now it's New York's time.

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It's now a lot easier to find public transit near any location in Google Maps

I often use Google Maps and public transport to get around while traveling. During my trips, there's this one missing feature that keeps on puzzling me: why is there no easy way to see public transport stops near me? Or why is there no section in any listing on Maps that shows stations near it? Instead, I have to zoom in and out on the map, trying to figure out what the closest option is. Thankfully, that's changing now as Maps has begun to display nearby transit stops in place listings.

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Transport for London has finally released an official Oyster Card app

London has a pretty advanced transport system by most metrics, and payments are pretty easy these days, either with a special pay-as-you-go pass called an Oyster Card or with almost any contactless bank card. Most Londoners (like myself) have long been clamoring for a better way to manage our Oysters, as you currently have to queue for a machine or go to the website if you want to check your balance or make a top-up. Thankfully, Transport for London (TfL) has joined forces with a developer called Cubic to finally bring us an official Oyster Card app for Android.

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Report: Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk wants to drag US public transit and traffic management into the 21st century

American cities do a lot of things well, but public transit isn't one of them. Get outside the major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, and you're pretty much hosed without a car - try to treat cities in the Midwest or Texas or California like New York, and you'll soon walk right through your shoes. Even if you do have your own vehicle, parking and traffic can become your personal nightmare. According to a new report in the Guardian, one of the many subsidiaries inside Google's new Alphabet parent company is working on fixing that.

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Downloadable HERE Maps Updated With More Detailed Coverage In Africa, More Accurate Public Transit

Nokia's HERE Maps application continues to be a popular alternative to Google's own maps, thanks to wide availability and an easy-to-use download feature. The latest update adds a few new bells and whistles in the name of accuracy, especially if you happen to live in sub-Saharan Africa: according to this blog post, the downloadable maps in the regions of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, and the Seychelles have all been considerably improved.


The updates are specifically for HERE's downloadable maps, not the Android app itself - if you're a regular user of the compartmentalized maps in Africa, you should get a notification to re-download the relevant files.

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Moovit 4.0 Update Adds A New Interface And New Features, But Some Users Aren't Happy

Google Maps offers some stellar features, but that doesn't mean that it can't be improved upon, particularly in the area of public transit. Moovit is a navigation app that specializes in bus and train routes, and the latest version completely overhauls the interface. In particular it's much easier to assign a destination location from the main screen: instead of manually entering an address via text, just slide the map around until the indicator is where you want to go.

2015-04-21 14.06.59 2015-04-21 14.09.12 2015-04-21 14.07.08

Moovit 4.0 screenshots above, 3.10 screenshots below

Most of the core features are intact: tap a bus stop or station to see all the routes that stop there, and when the next bus or train is scheduled to arrive.

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Google Now Has An Alarm That Can Wake You Up To Keep You From Missing Your Stop On Public Transportation

It's Saturday night. You've spent the last six hours partaking of the fruit of the vine in pleasant company (read: you're so drunk that your date is getting a contact buzz). Being the public-minded and responsible drinker you are, you elect to take the bus home. All seventeen stops. After a night out with your friends Morgan, Daniels, and Cuervo, it's difficult to stay awake on the rolling bus. You miss your stop and end up so far from home that you might as well stay on the bus and wait to get off in the morning.


If this situation sounds familiar to you, you'll love the newest feature added to Google Now on Android.

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Google Maps Gets Expanded Real-Time Public Transit Directions In The UK, Chicago, And Vancouver

What are you doing with that paper bus schedule when there's Google Maps? Google is constantly refining its public transit data, and today it's announcing a big boost in real-time transit data across the UK, as well as in Chicago and Vancouver. Plus, neat infographics.


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Google Maps Adds Public Transport Support For London, Makes The Tube A Little Less Confusing For Tourists

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello! What 'ave we here? It looks like Google is finally embracing public transport in London, adding public transport directions to its Google Maps application on Android devices.

From today, users can now get directions within London using both bus routes and the Underground, too. Using your current location to determine the best route to take to your destination, the application will provide you with a series of instructions that mix walking with various other transportation options.

google maps public transport london

The release is certainly good timing for London, as it will host the 2012 Olympic games in just under a years time, so hopefully tourists will be able to find their way around the city with a little more ease thanks to the technology on offer.

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