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Google Maps can now predict how miserable your public transit experience will be

Public transit is easier on your wallet and the environment than driving or taking an Uber, but it's also frequently a frustrating, crowded experience. Google can't necessarily fix that, but the company is working to at least prepare you for it: starting today, Maps will show real-time traffic delays for buses and crowdedness predictions for trains.

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You can use Google Pay for some New York MTA trips starting May 31

One of the cumbersome things I deal with when traveling to a city with public transit is the transportation card. Not being used to carrying one and wanting to keep it safe but also quick to access, I struggle to find a decent place for it. Sometimes it's in my pocket, other times in my bag, and sometimes inside my phone's cover. So I can understand a daily commuter's annoyance of carrying these small, easily-losable cards around. That's why services like Google Pay, which aim to replace all your cards, including transit ones, are awesome. Transit card support has been slowly rolling out to various cities around the world, and now it's New York's time.

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Google Maps now features Lime bike and scooter transit in 13 cities

The shareable scooters and bikes from Lime have taken over dozens of cities around the world. You've probably seen them yourself, sometimes being ridden and other times discarded like trash. Now, Google Maps will help you find Lime bikes that haven't been dumped in a lake. Lime is now a Google Maps transit option in 13 cities.

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Google Maps adds wheelchair-accessible routes to public transit navigation, starting with six major cities

Subways and buses may be convenient for most of us, but that's often a different story for individuals who can't get around as easily due to mobility needs. In an attempt to make public transit more accessible for that portion of the population, Google is introducing new "wheelchair accessible" routes in Maps' transit navigation, starting with six major cities.

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