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Group of Googlers seek end of forced arbitration for tech employees

In the wake of a series of employee protests late last year, Google made some much-needed tweaks to its employment policy, ending a requirement for forced arbitration against sexual harassment claims. It was a win for workers' rights, but some Googlers think it may not have gone quite far enough, and are seeking a total end to forced arbitration at the company across the board.

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Google employees stage global walkout to protest handling of sexual harassment

Much less work is getting done at Google offices around the world today as thousands of employees have walked off the job in protest. At issue is the way Google handles sexual harassment claims, spurred by the recent news that Android co-founder Andy Rubin was paid a $90 million severance after another Googler accused him of harassment. The organizers hope this protest will draw attention to the issue and improve workplace safety and equality.

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I went to a protest that had its own app

Technology has become part of our culture and how we organize. We make use of Google Calendar or Outlook to coordinate schedules, send invitations to events via Facebook and Google+, and we settle bar tabs on Venmo, Circle, Dwolla, Google Wallet, Paypal, and Messenger (barring the launch of any new apps while I was listing them). It's no huge surprise, then, that yet another function has been brought into the contemporary era of app convenience. The art and science of social and cultural unrest known as protest has made one more step into the future: your next one might come with an app.

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