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Verizon's new equipment protection plan includes same-day screen repairs, but only for some Samsung and Motorola phones

Cracking the screen glass is the easiest way to damage a modern smartphone, if only because there's just so much of it. Verizon isn't the only company making offers for a protection plan, giving customers a little peace of mind for reduced-price phone repairs in exchange for a few bucks a month. But the newest version of the plan does have an interesting bonus: they're offering same-day screen replacement for some of the carrier's most high-profile devices. Verizon is hoping that people will be willing to shell out some extra dough for the chance to fix up their screens without having to deal with shipping.

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Secondary phone marketplace Swappa now offers protection plans starting at $50

Buying a used phone is something of a crapshoot. Customers can do all the research they like or pore over photos with a magnifying glass, but eventually they just have to trust that someone else hasn't dumped a lemon of a device onto the next sucker. Swappa, a marketplace for gadget buyers and sellers that specializes in Android hardware, is trying to take some of the uncertainty out of that process. Starting today the company is offering device protection plans for phones, with laptops and tablets coming soon.

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OnePlus Extends On-Guard Insurance Plan To The US And Canada

There's a certain peace of mind that only comes from spending a bit of extra money when you buy something to get a protection plan that you probably won't even use, and now OnePlus 2 and X buyers in North America will have that option—just in time for the OnePlux X to kind of become available on these shores. And just as we saw in Europe, this enhanced warranty is only available to new customers.

Folks in the US and Canada will get the same coverage, but they're looking at slightly different prices. Okay, Canadians are getting the short end of the stick thanks to the lower value of their syrup-covered frozen dollars.

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OnePlus Introduces On-Guard Insurance Plan For OnePlus 2 Buyers In Europe, Snubs Existing Owners In The Process

OnePlus has announced a new insurance plan for the OnePlus 2 and, soon, OnePlus X in Europe.

In the European Union, customers can now choose to buy On-Guard protection from simplesurance. The protection covers accidental physical and liquid damage, provides a "worry-free" claim process, and offers worldwide coverage for claims. 12 months goes for €39.99, while 24 costs €64.99.

This announcement follows a similar one in India, where OnePlus has partnered with B2X to provide the B2X Service and B2X protect plans. It also comes a month after Google announced Nexus Protect, an enhanced warranty that offers next business day replacements of accidentally damaged devices.

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HTC Introduces Uh-Oh Protection Plan Offering A Free Replacement Phone In The Event Of A Cracked Screen, Water Damage, Or A Carrier Switch In The First 12 Months

In 2014, HTC rolled out the HTC Advantage, which offered a free cracked screen replacement, two years of updates, and up to 50GB of Google Drive storage space. Today, the company is going a step further. It has announced Uh-Oh Protection, which will provide one free replacement phone in the event of a cracked screen, water damage, or a carrier switch within the first twelve months after purchase.

Alternatively, if you don't get a replacement during this time frame, HTC will offer you $100 towards the purchase of your next HTC One.

Getting your replacement won't require going without a phone, either.

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[Update: Extended Till 9/30] Sprint To Offer Total Equipment Protection Open Enrollment For The Entire Month Of August

Update: It looks like Sprint decided to extend the Open Enrollment for another month, so if you missed it last month, you get another chance!

2011-09-07 16h55_35

Thanks, Captain Anonymous and Raj!

In light of Sprint offering protection plans on all notebooks, netbooks, and tablets, the Now Network has also decided to allow all customers to enroll in a protection plan during the month of August, if they so choose.

2011-07-28 15h35_03

In the past, users could only enroll in a protection plan within the first thirty days after purchasing a new device, but from August 1st thru August 31st, you'll be able to snag an insurance policy on an applicable device (though we're not sure how they're defining "applicable" here), regardless of how long you've had it.

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Sprint Now Offering Protection Plan For Netbooks, Notebooks, And Tablets For $13/Month - $5 More Than Phones

Anyone who previously picked up an internet-device (computer or tablet) from Sprint may have been a little frustrated with the lack of insurance provided by the Now Network. That all changes today, as it has finally decided to toss some coverage to its users that provides some peace of mind if anything were to happen to their netbook, notebook, or tablet.

The coverage is basically like any other carrier: the plan covers mechanical or electrical breakdown, accidental damage, and if the device is lost or stolen. The plan itself will set you back $13 per month with a $100 deductible, but that's a small price to pay to ensure device replacement if something were to happen.

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