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Google helps you practice pronouncing new words with mobile Search

How do you pronounce quokka? Pronunciation can be difficult to perfect, especially with a language containing as many silly, varied rules as English. Practice, though, helps solidify a skill. Google has provided pronunciation guides since April of this year. Now, they'll also give you the chance to vocally practice your pronunciation of American English, and, "soon," Spanish.

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[Update: Now with visemes] Tip: Google teaches you how to pronounce a word slowly and in different accents

Google can help you learn a lot of things, from the definition of a word to providing you links to pages that explain quantum computing. The feature we're focusing on today sits closer to the former than the latter — how to pronounce a word.

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Microsoft's Engkoo app uses AI to help with English pronunciation [APK Download]

You may think that learning English isn't exactly a priority for the world's most populous country. While many Chinese people probably have little reason to speak English in their daily lives, there are still plenty who want to learn the language, either for business or personal reasons. As Mandarin is so different, pronunciation is particularly difficult to master. That's where Microsoft's new app, Engkoo, comes in.

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