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Google Photos adds text selection prompt on mobile and upload origin information on the web

Google Photos is already a solid product and has only recently received a massive facelift that's still not rolling out widely. But there are always little things that can be improved upon, and recently, two have surfaced: The Photos app now shows you toasts that let you quickly copy texts from images while the web interface allows you to see where you've uploaded a given photo from.

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Google Maps now showing Waze-like incident confirmation prompts for some

One of the main differentiators that Waze has over its competitors, including Google Maps, is user interaction. Wazers can report accidents, road closures, police car sightings, and so on, all of which helps other users out. It's what makes the app so popular. Google Maps has already pulled data from Waze for many years, though it looks like more features from it are coming.

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[OMG Hallelujah] Google No Longer Makes You Sign In Twice When Setting Up Accounts With Two-Factor Authentication Enabled On Android

When certain things finally happen, they make us want to search for that hidden ladder that takes people up to the rooftop and scream "Hallelujah," religious or no. This is one of those things. Google apparently no longer requires people with two-factor authentication enabled to sign in twice when setting up a new Android device or adding another account. Better yet, this change doesn't require Android L or anything fancy. Here's a video of the magic taking place on an HTC One M8.

Previously, after typing in an email address and password for the first time, Google would kick people with two-factor authentication enabled out to a web prompt where they could type in the code that they had received from either an app or a text message.

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