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Verizon Is Offering 2GB Of Additional Data For Life If You Sign Up For Its Largest Data Buckets Before January 6th

Verizon completely revamped its plans a few months ago when it ditched contracts with the aim of making the options easier to understand. Verizon's data is still more expensive than some carriers, but there's a holiday promotion that might make the cost more justifiable. If you sign up for one of Verizon's two highest data tiers, you can get 2GB of free data on each of your lines forever.

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Jamba Juice Is Giving Out Free Android Mini Figurines If You Use Android Pay

Google never really promoted Wallet in all the years it existed and was capable of NFC payments, but at least it's trying with Android Pay. If you've got a Jamba Juice nearby, you can (maybe) get a free Android mini figurine if you pay with Android Pay. If you like Android and could go for a smoothy, it's a win-win.

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[Deal Alert] Buy A Chromecast, Get $20 Google Play Credit From Now Until December 21st

Google seems to be making a final push to get people buying Chromecasts before Christmas. If you buy one between today and December 21, you'll get a $20 Google Play credit to buy some new movies to stream on your TV. They don't make it too clear, but it appears you will need to buy from the Play Store to redeem this offer. Update: As commenter SEJ326 points out below, Chromecasts from both Amazon and Best Buy are also eligible for the offer.


This offer is in addition to existing offers for 2 free months of Hulu Plus for new accounts and 3 free months of Google Play Music All Access for first-time subscribers.

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Cricket Wireless Boosting Data Caps For A Limited Time Starting September 13th

Cricket Wireless might not be top of mind among US carriers, but it's starting to get aggressive as it goes after T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers. After introducing a $100 bill credit promotion last month, Cricket is now boosting data caps by up to 100% later this week. And what's better, existing customers get the increased caps too.

2014-09-10 13_46_58-Cricket Offers Customers More High-Speed Data in Unlimited Plans with Taxes and

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T-Mobile Will Offer Free Unlimited LTE Data Upgrade For One Year To Customers Who Refer A Friend From Another Carrier

T-Mobile has really been stepping up the rhetoric against Sprint since the backroom acquisition deal allegedly fell through a few weeks ago. T-Mobile's latest promotion takes direct aim at the Now Network, but it targets the other big carriers too. Starting next week, if you bring a friend over to T-Mobile on a Simple Choice plan, you and they both get a free upgrade to unlimited LTE for one year. Also, there will be awkward dancing, if T-Mobile's promo image is to be believed.


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Google Is Giving Away Ugly Ties For Father's Day (Among Other Virtual Crap) - No, I'm Not Kidding

Happy Collectibles Week, everybody! What's that? You've never heard of Collectibles Week? That's okay. Neither have we. Apparently Google is highlighting a bunch of games that offer in-app collectible items because Google knows what anyone who's played a game ever doesn't: that in-app items are the key to a game's success. Special items for Collectibles Week include (and these are all real) an Android habitat in Zoo Tycoon-style game, a "Bunny headphone" in a virtual aquarium and, just for you dads out there: an exclusive Deer Hunter Ugly Tie, coinciding nicely with Father's Day this weekend.

2012-06-15_17h44_00 2012-06-15_17h44_28 2012-06-15_17h44_57

In all seriousness, it looks like a decent collection of games, if you're bored.

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