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[Deal Alert] 'The Rainbow Collections' Play: Kids - An Album Of Classic Children's Music - Is Free On Google Play

Attention parents! Google has some free music on Google Play today to make your next family road trip a pleasure for your children and torture for you. Play: Music, by The Rainbow Collections, is currently free. This timeless collection of wonderful(ly annoying) children's music contains classics such as 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', 'Row Your Boat', and 'Old MacDonald'.

kids crap

As much as I have tried to educate my two boys that eighties rock is far better road trip music material, they still prefer this dreadful stuff.

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OnePlus Finally Begins Open Sales Of The One, No Invite Necessary; Co-Founder Teases 'OK OnePlus' Voice Activation Feature

A little less than one year ago, I called the OnePlus One "the best flagship phone you can't buy" in my initial review. The phone had some impressive hardware at an amazing price, and in many ways it still does, but the system of invitations and qualifications built around actually buying the One made obtaining the device an exercise in frustration. It's taken them eleven months (and what seems like dozens of separate promotions and half-measures), but you can finally order a OnePlus One without an invitation of any kind starting today.

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T-Mobile's Netflix Promotion For The Galaxy S6 Goes Live, Applies To Devices Bought Between Now And April 12th

Word got out earlier this week that T-Mobile would offer anyone who buys a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge from them a free year of Netflix. That's a savings of over $100 and a pretty good deal, especially if you're already a Netflix customer.

Now the promotional page has gone live. If you head over to Samsung's website, you can sign up for the offer, though it says you must actually have the phone in hand before following the process through to completion.

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MetroPCS Introduces $30 Promotional Plan Offering 1GB Of 4G With Unlimited Talk And Text


Sprint Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Promotion Leaked Ahead Of MWC Announcement

Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S6, and a curved-screen variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge, at its Mobile World Congress announcement early next month. The phones look like this. Aside from a few specs and information on prices and dates, that's about all you need to know. But the leaked images were pretty tiny, so Sprint has been kind enough to leak some more for us. It doesn't include the bottom portion of the phone, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess there's a home button down there.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Denon Heos 3 Wireless Speaker For $99 ($200 Off) With A Spotify Premium Account

Denon and Spotify currently have a thing going on where if you put the two together, you could wind up saving $200. Denon is holding a promotion where if you happen to be a Spotify Premium customer, you can get the Heos 3 wireless speaker for just $99. That's a mere third of its usual $299 sticker price.


The speaker can stand tall or rest horizontally, and it's small enough to fit in any room where you want wireless music.

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MetroPCS Reduces Cost Of Unlimited 4G LTE Plan To $50 For Anyone Who Signs Up By April 5th

Today MetroPCS, a prepaid service offered by T-Mobile, has rolled out a limited-time discounted price for its unlimited 4G LTE plan. Anyone who signs up between now and April 5th can get set up for $50 a month, a $10 savings off the usual price. There's no pre-planned end date, so you can then take advantage of the lower price for quite a while.

Screenshot 2015-01-21 at 1.38.07 PM

For comparison, T-Mobile offers unlimited data on the same network for $80 a month.

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T-Mobile Brings Unlimited Data To Family Plans, Starting At $100 For Two People

T-Mobile's unlimited talk, text, and data plan is the big carrier option to beat at $80 a month. But so far it's only been available to individual customers - if you have four people and you want four lines of unlimited data, you need four different accounts. Starting tomorrow, December 10th, unlimited data will be available for families as well. The cheapest option is unlimited talk, text, and data on two lines for $100 a month, a $60 savings over the old structure.

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Amazon Gives Away 40 Apps And Games ($130 Value) For Black Friday, No Lines Necessary

The best thing you can do for Black Friday is nothing: those discounts aren't worth the indignity of getting clobbered by an octogenarian's purse while she hunts for a Frozen doll. But if you swing by this promotional page for Amazon's Appstore, you can pick up no less than 40 free apps and games, worth a combined $130 at full price. Amazon does these promotions on a regular basis. There's no reason not to get them all, but if you'd rather not clutter up your Amazon account, here are some notable picks:

Some of the apps are duplicates, like the Kindle Fire-only Angry Birds (the one above is fine for non-Fire devices).

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[Update: Existing Ones, Too] New Chromebook Purchases, Even As Low As $199, Will Come With 1TB Of Free Google Drive Storage This Holiday Season

Update: As it turns out, this offer applies to recently-purchased Chromebook purchases too. If you have not yet claimed your free Google Drive storage, you might want to head over to the goodies page to redeem your 1TB right away.


If you're like me, you keep quite a bit of the files you interact with on your mobile devices saved on Google Drive. The service has gotten spiffier over the years, and Google has done its best to make interacting with the storage feel as though you're tinkering with something saved locally.

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