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Developers offering subscriptions on Google Play will have more ways to grab users and retain them

Although most of the excitement of Google I/O has passed since the first day, the developer conference is still ongoing and smaller announcements are trickling one by one. Many of these are geared toward developers, but will impact end-users at some point, as is the case with these new tools for devs who offer subscriptions on the Play Store.

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Google Play promo codes now available in Indonesia


Google Play promo codes now available in Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam

Developers with apps on the Play Store can set up promo codes to give users a paid app or an in-app product for free — if they live in an eligible country. But the list of countries where developers can issue Play Store promo codes is expanding at a quick pace. Seven countries (Argentina, Chile, PeruCzech Republic, Hungary, Israel, and Romania) were added to the fold in the past few weeks alone, and now four more countries are part of the list: Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam.

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Google Play promo codes now available in 4 more countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, and Romania

Promo codes are a great way for developers to give paid content on the Play Store to certain people. But for whatever reason, these codes can't be issued everywhere, and Google has a list of countries that they can be given out in. After adding eight countries back in May 2017 and, more recently, three earlier this month, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, and Romania have made it onto the list.

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Google Play promo codes are now available in 8 more countries

If a developer wants to give some paid content away, usually the best way for them to do this is with a Google Play promo code. This has always been dependent on where you live, as they're supported in some regions but not others. Now, Google has added 8 further countries to the list of those that support the codes. They are as follows: Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, and South Africa.

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Google Brings Google Play Promo Codes To Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, And Switzerland

Google has added six new countries to the list of countries with the ability to redeem Google Play balance promotional codes: Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland. To be clear, this doesn't mean that users can redeem app promo codes generated by developers: that functionality has been available since mid-January, and is available to any country where users can buy apps, as long as the specific app is available to download in that country.

When you buy a Chromecast, usually it comes with some form of voucher for Google Play credit, which is then spendable on apps, music, games, books, movies, or TV shows.

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Hands-On With The New Developer-Generated Play Store Promo Codes

Promo codes aren't new in the Play Store. Google has been using them for a while to redeem apps (like the free family apps it offered for a few weeks) and other types of media. However, the option for developers to generate their own codes and issue them to their users was only added a few days ago.

Google's documentation details how developers can create promotions, what they need to do to set them up in their apps, and how users can redeem them. Here is what the process looks like in the Developer Console and on the user's end.

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Google Is Finally Rolling Out App Promo Codes In The Play Store

For years, many of us have been bemoaning the lack of Play Store promo codes for Android apps. On the other side of the fence, iOS has had this feature forever. Now Google is getting with the program—promo codes have been added as an option in the Google Play developers console. That means you'll be able to input a code and get a free app or in-app content. Yay!

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