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Woot offering up to $170 off Anker Nebula projectors in one-day sale

If you're looking for an Android-powered projector — which, if you're reading this, you most likely are — Anker's Nebula line is probably on your short list. Woot has two of last year's portable Nebula projectors at deep discounts today: the Mars II is down to $329.99, while the smaller Capsule is $219.99.

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[Deal Alert] Anker Nebula Mars Lite projector $279.99 ($120 off), Soundcore Liberty Lite true-wireless earbuds $64.99 ($15 off) on Amazon

Jack of all trades manufacturer Anker has become a great source of deals on a wide range of technology products, and that's continuing today with two more tempting offers. The first is for a portable home cinema system, the Nebula Mars Lite, while the second is for a pair of true-wireless earbuds from sub-brand Soundcore.

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[Deal Alert] Get a ZTE Spro 2 LTE smart projector for $399 (20%) off on eBay

The ZTE Spro 2 was initially announced two years ago, and later available for sale through AT&T for $500 without a contract ($400 with an agreement). It's definitely an odd device - it's running Android with access to the Google Play Store, so you can project your favorite media apps without a connected device. Now you can get it for $399, $100 off the starting price.

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AT&T Will Exclusively Offer The ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector Starting April 24th For $400 With A Two-Year Contract Or $500 Without

There has to be someone out there looking to sign a contract on a lightweight projector that's capable of running Android apps.

Wait, you don't even know what a smart projector is? Right... that might be a problem. Okay, I'm going to talk to my fellow AT&T execs and—you know what, screw it, we're going to sell this anyway. Someone out there is going to love it. I mean, what better way is there to impress your business clients than to whip out some cool, forward-looking piece of tech that no one else has even seen?

So yes, we, AT&T, will sell you a smart projector by the name of the ZTE Spro 2.

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The ZTE Spro 2 Is An Android-Powered Smart Projector With Google Play Access, An LTE Hotspot, And Too Few Vowels In Its Name

When a regular projector simply won't do at your next business meeting, there's the ZTE Spro 2. This mini projector has a touchscreen and runs Android with full access to the Play Store. It's probably a really slick way to project slides on the wall, but I feel like someone unnecessarily dropped some vowels from the name (or maybe a hyphen or something).


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The Sprint LivePro Is An Android-Powered Mini Projector, Mobile Hotspot, And External Battery All In One Weird Little Package

The convergence of multiple devices can be a good thing. After all, who wants to carry a bunch of different stuff around when a single thing will do? This is, presumably, the rationale behind the Sprint LivePro, but maybe it's gone a little far. This is a mobile hotspot with a built-in projector and a battery that can charge your phone. The whole thing is, of course, powered by Android.


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ZTE Announces New Devices Ahead of CES – Phones With Suspiciously Familiar Names, "Iconic" Phablet, A Smart Watch, And More

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of CES this year, there will be ZTE with an assortment of new devices just revealed today. The Chinese OEM will be showing off phones, phablets, smart watches, and even a strange little projector.


ZTE will debut a new version of its Grand S II flagship phone, which you can just call "S II" if you want to confuse people. It will have a few new features like unlocking by voice and system-wide voice commands. The rest of the specs are apparently on a need-to-know basis. The Nubia 5S and Nubia 5S mini will be present as well.

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