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Google's ambitions for China search engine are over, at least for now

Google hasn't had much of a presence in China for roughly a decade, but last year, news broke that the company was working on versions of Search and News that complied with local censorship laws. After months of pressure, both internal and external, Google confirmed to U.S. officials that the project is over.

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[Update: Google responds] Google's censored Chinese search engine might not be dead after all

Google has largely stayed out of the Chinese market for the past decade, but last year, it looked like that might change. Plans about 'Project Dragonfly,' a search engine tailored for China, were leaked in August of last year. The project suffered from criticism inside and outside of Google, as search results would have been highly censored, and development reportedly ended in December.

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Google's censored Chinese search engine Project Dragonfly is reportedly dead after internal conflict

When news first broke in August about Google's plans for a censored Chinese search engine, there was immediate backlash both internally and externally. As details regarding Project Dragonfly continued to leak over the ensuing months, that pushback only grew more vehement, with executives fielding questions on the subject from US senators and Google employees launching a petition decrying the project. Now, according to The Intercept, Dragonfly is effectively dead after a massive internal rift formed between the project and the company's privacy team.

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