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Android Studio 4.0 released with Motion Editor, improved Java 8 support, and more

Android Studio is Google's official development environment for creating Android applications. The past few updates have been relatively minor, mostly focusing on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, but Google has also been cooking up a larger upgrade. Android Studio 4.0 leaves beta today, and it's full of changes that should make creating apps a lot easier.

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Google Search shows Stack Overflow answers in search results for some users

Stack Overflow is an immensely popular website for asking programming-related questions. If you're ever stuck on a coding problem, typing it into Google and clicking the first Stack Overflow result usually does the trick. Now it appears the last step might not be necessary for much longer, as Google is working to display answers directly in search results.

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Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for Apple's Swift programming language

Google's in-development operating system, named 'Fuchsia,' first appeared over a year ago. It's quite different from Android and Chrome OS, as it runs on top of the real-time 'Zircon' kernel instead of Linux. According to recent code commits, Google is working on Fuchsia OS support for the Swift programming language.

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Hasbro's companion app for the FurReal Maker Proto Max robot dog is now on the Play Store

Way back in February at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, Hasbro introduced a new product in its FurReal line of robotic pet toys. Unlike the others, the Proto Max is part of the Maker sub category, so named because it can be programmed to perform different actions. It's yet another example of a toy maker combining coding with playing in order to tap into the burgeoning STEM market. Why is this of any interest to us? Because the Android companion app has just launched, of course.

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[Deal Alert] Packt's eBooks are all on sale for just $10 each, including Android development ones

Have you been thinking about getting into Android development (or any development in general) lately? Don't know where to start? Well, Packt currently has its full catalog of eBooks and videos available for just $10 apiece - a great deal, considering the original prices of some of these books.

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Sony's KOOV wants to teach your kids programming through robotics... via an Indiegogo campaign

Yesterday Sony Global Education launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding project for its newest educational initiative. Meet KOOV a programming and robotics kit for children. Think Legos meets robots (which is already a thing) but with better software and simpler hardware. With these tools, your kids can pick up programming fundamentals at a much earlier age. Perhaps little Suzy might be the next Wozniak or Stallman. Probably with less facial hair, though. 

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Google Search improves searching for special characters in programming languages

If you've ever tried to search the meaning of specific operations and characters in programming languages, you know how frustrating it can be. You'll often have to append the name of the language to the search, or try surrounding it in quotes to only show exact matches.

Now Google has vastly improved searching for special characters and operations in programming languages.

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Puzzle game Human Resource Machine lets players program their own corporate drones

In 1961 a musical called How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying made light of the growing corporate culture in America. Half a century later, those same corporations are seen by many as a necessary evil, a soulless machine that runs on the lives of its employees. It's appropriate, then, that Human Resource Machine is more or less the opposite of How To Succeed in Business: instead of starting in the mailroom and becoming the CEO in a fun-filled week of singing and dancing, you play a literal human machine whose behavior is programmed like a computer, and who spends decades in service to a company that has nothing but contempt for you.

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[Deal Alert] Start learning Android development from scratch with Android Programming for Beginners ebook for free today only

For a lot of Android fans, intense interest in the platform can lead to more questions about the technical underpinnings. And when you're so attuned to Android and its ecosystem, you might even have some original ideas for apps that haven't been made—yet. With this one-day offer from Packt, you can get a free ebook to take you from zero to...well, not hero, but well on your way to making Android apps.

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[For Developers] LeakCanary By Square Is A Low-Effort Library For Easily Tracking Down Memory Leaks In Android Apps

Writing great, high-quality software is hard work. No matter how well we know a platform or how long we spend on code, there are bound to be bugs. Memory leaks are among the most common problems, and they can be particularly disruptive on mobile devices. Square set out to make memory leaks easier to track down and fix with a new library called LeakCanary. It makes leak detection almost automatic and presents results in both logcat and an easy-to-read interface.


LeakCanary is designed to be as easy to use as possible. For most applications, it should only require a few additional lines in the app's build.gradle file, and one more line of code in your Application class.

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