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Incognito mode in Google Chrome might become 'Private mode' [Updated]

For privacy-conscious users, Incognito Mode has long been a favorite feature of Google Chrome. It lets you browse the web without maintaining a history or saving information like cookies and form inputs. Other browsers have tended to call it Private Mode, since that's probably a term more people are familiar with, and it looks like Google might be planning to go down that route too.

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Firefox Introduces A True Private Browsing Mode In Pre-Beta Releases And Rolls Out New Add-on Signing Policy

In their latest testing releases, Mozilla has launched two ambitious efforts to improve upon two areas where Firefox seeks to set itself apart: privacy and security.

To address privacy, they have changed the way their "private browsing mode," which is akin to incognito on Chrome, protects users. Rather than keep your info away from other people using your computer, which is more or less the intent of the feature, new versions of Firefox will also try to keep you more anonymous to web-based trackers.

Screenshot_2015-08-14-16-34-52 Screenshot_2015-08-14-16-35-13

In addition to not saving history, the previously-hidden Tracking Protection feature is enabled by default when private browsing.

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