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Signal message requests let users control how they're contacted

As Signal Messenger continues on its mission to enter the mainstream, the company has heard from users who want more control over who can start a conversation, and how. Now when a person who isn't in your contacts tries to send a message, you'll be able to see more information before taking action on the message — a nice step when it comes to privacy.

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TikTok went behind Google's back to collect users' MAC addresses for over a year

TikTok has seen its fair share of trouble in recent weeks, from a potential presidential ban to a competing product from Instagram. But the company isn't out of rough waters just yet. A new report claims that TikTok has collected unique identifiers from millions of Android users in a move that goes directly against Google's policies for app developers.

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Samsung's new AltZLife features for A71 and A51 are 'the ultimate private mode'

Samsung is launching a new "Made for India" feature (or set of features) called AltZLife, that lets you switch between two different phone profiles — including duplicated apps that can be associated with different accounts — with a quick and simple double-press of the power button, called Quick Switch. A new on-device AI feature named Content Suggestions will also recommend when certain images might be better moved into your private gallery in the Secure Folder. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Google opts all users out of voice data collection, explains what it does with the data

If you've used any of Google's voice services for Assistant, Maps, and Search, you will have gotten a lengthy notice about some major changes as to how and why it collects audio of what you say. These actions are a response to last year's revelations about how humans were contracted to review those clips and how some of them got leaked. The top-line takeaway here is that every user has been opted out of data collection.

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Trump says he wants to outright ban TikTok rather than forcing a sale

Earlier today, it was tipped that President Donald Trump was considering to sign an executive order forcing portions of TikTok to be sold off to a U.S. company due to national security concerns, but now the president specified his plans to reporters aboard the Air Force One, as the Washington Post reports. "As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States," he said.

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How to use Google Maps incognito mode on Android in four easy steps

Incognito mode for Google Maps has been around since late last year, but if you haven't gone looking for it in recent months, you likely haven't noticed it was even there. For whatever reasons you may want to duck under the cloak of privacy, we'll show you exactly how to go incognito within Google Maps.

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Access Dots adds logs for tracking permissions, plus better notch support

Privacy is always a major concern, especially when there are shady apps out there that like to have constant access to your info. When Apple unveiled iOS 14 last month, one standout feature was access indicators, small symbols in the status bar that are displayed when either the camera or microphone are in use. Thanks to the developer of Energy Ring and Energy Bar, we can now enjoy a similar feature on Android.

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New Google accounts will have stronger default location and web privacy settings

Last year, Google users could start limiting how long the company could hold on to their activity on apps, the web, and with location logging. But from today, the company will turn on these so-called auto-delete controls by default when people create new accounts and use its services. This is but one of a slew of changes it is making to improve user comfort on its platform.

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Reddit adds new Anonymous Browsing mode to mobile app

The internet is unfathomably massive, and sometimes you end up in weird places. And... maybe you don't want all those places connected to your online persona. No problem, as long as you're a Redditor. The official Reddit app has a new anonymous browsing mode that's more anonymous than the one it had previously.

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