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Facebook is making global privacy changes based on EU data legislation

Facebook announced yesterday that it's going to be making policy changes for users around the world based on the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Although GDPR doesn't take effect until May 25, Facebook says it's rolling out the changes in Europe this week, with other regions following later.

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Google Safe Browsing will soon require apps with personal user or device data to provide a privacy policy, trigger warnings if they don't

Security is a big deal these days. Google understands this, which is why its Safe Browsing team is implementing even more mandates for applications. Apps that handle user or device data will soon have to provide their own privacy policies. If this requirement isn't met, warnings may be shown on users' devices.

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Plex upsets users with changes to its privacy policy before backtracking

After receiving a couple of emails from disgruntled Plex users, it's become apparent that the company has made some changes to its privacy policy. It's being accused by some customers of trying to sneak in a revision that removes the ability to opt out of data collection, with some worrying that this may lead to the selling of user data. To allay those fears, Plex CEO Keith Valory has released a statement outlining why the changes were made and what further changes will be made to placate users.

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Evernote backtracks on new privacy policy, makes machine learning opt-in

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Evernote has reversed its privacy policy stance that I wrote about earlier. The company is not going to implement it and will instead make machine learning and human review opt-in — you know, the way it should have been from the get-go.

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[Update: CEO responds to criticism with a note] Evernote's new privacy policy has some people concerned and it is easy to see why

One of the newest storms to hit the Internet was the change to Evernote's privacy policy. While this is usually reserved for those of us who can wade through varying levels of legalese (I admit that I'm weird), I do recommend that all users of the note-taking service take a quick pass through one section in particular. And even though people all over are up in arms, there are a few key points to consider.

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Google Play Store Increases Transparency, Now Lets App Developers Publish Privacy Policies

One of the changes to the Play Store announced at Google I/O as "coming soon" was the ability for app developers to publish links to their privacy policies, thus making their intentions more transparent right out of the gate. By using Android apps, we allow a lot of personal information to travel through the tubes, and it's in everyone's best interests to disclose just what exactly happens to it in an open way.

Here's the relevant bit from the Google I/O session I was talking about earlier:

The privacy policy links are now live in both the updated Android app (version 3.7.11) and the Play Store website.

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