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Keep Images, Videos, Apps, And Other Personal Data Secure With LEO Privacy Guard [Sponsored Post]

More and more often, smartphones are becoming the "safe place" for many users to store private data — photos, conversations, passwords, bank account information…you name it, it's probably on the phone. The problem is that oftentimes this data isn't necessarily secured by said users. Things like private photos are easy to find by jumping into the gallery app. Conversations aren't hidden anywhere in the system — the SMS app reveals all without any sort of barrier. And that all goes without mentioning the private things that could be held within social networks, email, or other apps that may not necessarily be protected behind a password.

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CyanogenMod 12 Will Integrate Superuser Settings With The Privacy Guard System, No Separate SU App Necessary

Most of the news about CyanogenMod over the last month or so has been about Cyanogen Inc.'s very public spat with enthusiast manufacturer OnePlus. But believe it or don't, work continues on CyanogenMod 12, the custom ROM team's version of Android Lollipop. One of the more interesting changes to the new version was spotted over on the Android subreddit: starting with CM12, CyanogenMod will no longer require a separate app to manage root permissions.

You can see the relevant change over at the official CyanogenMod code review. "Superuser access doesn't require an app now, it's been tied to privacy guard," writes developer Ricardo Cerqueira, a prolific member of the CM team and one of Cyanogen, Inc.'s original employees.

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Privacy Guard (Formerly Incognito Mode) Has Been Merged Into CyanogenMod, Will Appear In Nightlies Starting Today

Privacy Guard, the feature formerly known as Incognito Mode for apps, will make its way into CyanogenMod starting tonight. Steve Kondik, Mr. Cyanogen himself, has merged the ability to enable Privacy Guard support into all future nightly builds. Just to be clear, this new feature is not included in the 10.1.0 RC or stable releases currently available. Only those who like to walk on the wild side are getting their hands on this feature right away.


As the former name puts quite clearly, Privacy Guard enables users to run specific apps in what is essentially an incognito mode. The option can be enabled in the App Info panel.

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[New App] LBE Privacy Guard Is Like Windows' UAC For Rooted Android Devices

In the Android world, privacy is a huge concern for most users. We've seen our fair share of malicious software, questionable apps, and out-of-place permission requests. If privacy is something that you hold near-and-dear to your heart, then we have an app for you.

This app is for rooted users only!

It's called LBE Privacy Guard, and in a way, it's quite similar to UAC (User Account Control) in Windows. Basically, LBE "listens" for your apps to request certain permissions and then pings you with a dialog asking to either grant or deny access. For example, if you have an app installed that requires access to your SMS messages, but you see no valid reason that this app would need to access your messages, then you can simply deny access.

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