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10 years of Android: Ten of the most important handsets from the last decade

Ten years ago this week, the first Android phone was announced - the T-Mobile G1. No one could have predicted the massive success that Android would eventually become; the OS now has over two billion active users worldwide.

In honor of Android's 10th birthday, we're taking a look at the most important and influential Google-powered phones of the past decade. Every one of these devices redefined Android in some way, by pushing the OS further into the mainstream, introducing design trends, or signaling the start/end of an era.

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BlackBerry confirms the Priv won't get Android Nougat

The BlackBerry Priv was an odd device for many reasons. It was the first Android phone from BlackBerry, it was a flagship device with a physical keyboard, and it was the last phone manufactured in-house by BlackBerry. But as many Priv owners have probably been expecting, it won't receive further updates.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Verizon BlackBerry Priv for $259.99 on eBay

The BlackBerry Priv was the company's first Android phone, after years of trying to make its own operating system successful. It wasn't quite the runaway success BlackBerry hoped for, and ended up being its last phone developed in-house. Now you can buy the Verizon model (which has some GSM compatibility) for just $259.99, the lowest price we've seen for this phone.

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[Deal Alert] Get a BlackBerry Priv for just $279.99 ($320 off) on eBay

The BlackBerry Priv was not just BlackBerry's first Android phone, but it's also the company's last device developed in-house. It has been a little over a year since the phone's introduction, and minus the initial price tag, it was mostly received as a good device. Now you can get the Priv on eBay, new and factory unlocked, for a penny short of $280.

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The BlackBerry Priv on AT&T is finally getting its Marshmallow update

BlackBerry touted the security features of its Android build when announcing the Priv. It launched with Lollipop, but we thought surely it'll get a quick 6.0 update being so close to stock. How wrong we were. The unlocked Priv update started rolling out in late April, and the AT&T variant has been stagnating since then. Today is the big day, though. Android 6.0 is hitting the Priv on AT&T.

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[Deal Alert] The AT&T BlackBerry Priv is down to $300 with free shipping on DailySteals

There's been no shortage of sales on the various models of BlackBerry Priv in the last few months, which is perhaps not the best sign for the company's first-ever Android-powered flagship. But it's great news for bargain hunters, and today DailySteals has the AT&T version of the QWERTY slider on sale for just $299.99, well under half of the retail price. The deal is available for another two days according to the site. Shipping is free.

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T-Mobile Pulls The BlackBerry Priv From Its Website

The BlackBerry Priv was supposed to be a big step forward for the once-king of smartphones. After having no luck with BlackBerry OS 10, the company launched its first Android phone late last year. The Priv started as an AT&T exclusive, then launched on T-Mobile in late January. Less than five months later, it looks like Tmo is done with the Priv.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv On Sale For $379.99 Via eBay

BlackBerry launched the Priv late last year at the stratospheric price of $700. It's not an unheard of price for a flagship phone, but the first Android phone from a struggling OEM? Maybe not the best idea. The Priv has been showing up on mega-discount lately, and today it's on sale for the lowest price yet. You can pick a new unlocked Priv up from eBay for $379.99.

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BlackBerry Priv Receives Android 6.0, Carrier OTA Updates Going Out Starting May 3rd

Marshmallow is now making its way to BlackBerry's flagship, and only, Android device.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Priv Marked All The Way Down To $449.99 ($200 Off)

The BlackBerry Priv is an expensive phone. Despite undergoing a price drop earlier this month, the device still costs $650! That's quite a chunk of change, especially for a debut product from a new Android manufacturer (though you may have heard the name once or twice somewhere else).

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