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Polaroid's new smartphone photo printer is the worst tech product of 2019... and 2012

You know how a traditional photo lab works, right? You go into a red room with your film negatives and treat them with developer, stopper, fixer, and clearing solutions until you get a visible, accurate result. Well, what if you want to develop and print a photo taken with your phone? It's simple: buy Polaroid's $130 optical scanner-printer called the Polaroid Lab.

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Android may have native Wi-Fi Direct printing in the future

Android has a few different methods for printing, one of the easiest and most recognizable is probably Google's Cloud Print. But setting up and using a random printer from your Android-powered phone or tablet isn't quite as easy as it is from a more traditional laptop or desktop computer. According to the folks at XDA, though, that might change with the recent addition of Wi-Fi Direct printing to AOSP.  

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New Xerox Easy Translator Service Lets You Send A Photo From Your Android Phone To A Printer And Have It Come Out In Another Language

Google Translate is old-hat. Today's generation of smartphone users don't want to type words into a text field and watch it appear in another language. They want to enter those characters into a word processor, spit them out onto fresh white printer paper, and feed that tree product into a Xerox machine.

Alternatively, they can send a picture of a document they've snapped a picture of. Either way, both of these possibilities are now available through the Xerox Easy Translator service launching today in Australia, Canada, Europe, South America, and the US.

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Polaroid Announces Zip Instant Mobile Ink-Free Printer, Soon Shipping Socialmatic Camera

The current era may be captured by smartphones, but the previous one was caught on film by Polaroid. The company's cameras printed out photos just after they were captured, with photographers shaking the results to help them dry (a gesture Polaroid says can actually damage the picture these days).

A poorly-named successor aimed at hip, young smartphone users—the Socialmatic—has been in development to introduce this functionality to a new generation. Polaroid announced the Android-powered camera at last year's CES. This year it will soon be available from Polaroid (eventually), Amazon (January 15th) and Photojojo (end of this month) for $299.99. Polaroid sent out a press release today saying the product is now shipping, but none of the sites above have been updated to match this information.

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