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Prime Exclusive LG G6+ is down to $400 ($80 off) on Amazon

Amazon released a Prime Exclusive version of the LG G6+ last year, with the usual pre-installed Amazon apps and widgets. It was already $300 lower than the cost of the regular G6+ ($499.99), but now the Prime model has dropped even lower to just $399.99 — about $80 off the usual price.

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[Deal Alert] Prime Exclusive LG Stylo 4 down to $210 ($40 off)

If you need a cheap phone, then this deal might be for you. Amazon has the Prime Exclusive LG Stylo 4 for just $209.99 right now, making for a nice $40 in savings (despite what the product page says, it's been $249.99 for a few months now).

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LG Stylo 4 joins Amazon's Prime Exclusive lineup, priced at $250

Amazon's line of Prime Exclusive smartphones is continuing to grow. Most recently, the LG V35 ThinQ unexpectedly joined the lineup. The latest phone to become available in Prime Exclusive flavor is another LG phone, the Stylo 4, though it's much more budget-oriented and a lot cheaper at $249.99.

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Amazon launches Prime Exclusive Moto G6 in 'Deep Indigo' with more storage and RAM for $260

The Moto G6 is one of the best cheap phones you can buy, especially if you're on a CDMA carrier in the US. Amazon offers a Prime Exclusive version of that phone and has since launch. Starting today, there's a new Prime SKU of the phone available only at Amazon. The special edition Moto G6 has additional storage and RAM, but the price is a bit higher.

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[Deal Alert] Prime Exclusive Moto X4 on sale for $199 ($150 off)

We've seen a few phone sales pop up over the last day, but here's another eye-turner for your consideration. Amazon is offering the Prime Exclusive Moto X4 for just $199, a nice $150 off the original asking price (or $200 off the MSRP of the regular Moto X4, if you're counting). 

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[Deal Alert] LG V35 ThinQ Prime Exclusive now available for $600 ($300 off) on Amazon

The LG V35 ThinQ was exclusive to AT&T at launch, but it spread to Project Fi a few weeks back. Amazon has now quietly become the third seller of the V35 ThinQ in the form of a Prime Exclusive phone, and it's being discounted by $300 to $599.99 for Prime Day.

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Available today: Moto Z3 Play, Moto G6 Prime Exclusive, and Moto Z3 Play Prime Exclusive

It's a day full of new Motorola phone releases. You can pick up Moto's latest semi-flagship phone in either standard or Amazon variants. There's also a cheaper option in the Amazon-tweaked Moto G6.

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Moto G6 Prime Exclusive now available on Amazon for $235 ($15 off MSRP)

Motorola is no stranger to the Amazon Prime Exclusive club; in fact, its Moto G4 was one of the first phones in the program. It's been almost two years since then, and Amazon has just announced that the Moto G6 is now available as a Prime Exclusive phone for $234.99, $15 less than its regular price.

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[Deal Alert] Prime Exclusive LG Q6 is $159.99 ($90 off) today only on Amazon

LG isn't doing so great in the flagship department these days, but the company's budget phones have usually been solid in recent years. The LG Q6 is one of the few mid-range devices with an 18:9 aspect ratio, and now you can get the Prime Exclusive version on Amazon for just $159.99 ($90 off the original Amazon price).

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[Update: $20 price increase] Amazon is removing lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive phones

Amazon started selling devices with "Special Offers" years back with the e-ink Kindle, but that option came to Android with the "Prime Exclusive" phones. In exchange for a discounted smartphone, you got to see ads on your lock screen whenever you picked up the phone. It was annoying, sure, but many people were happy to take Amazon up on the offer. Now, Prime Exclusive phones are getting much more compelling with news that Amazon is removing the lock screen ads.

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