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Lockscreen ad-disabling APK for Amazon Prime Exclusive phones is available now

Amazon announced earlier this week that lockscreen ads won't be present on newly-purchased Prime Exclusive devices and an update is rolling out to the Amazon Offers app to disable them on existing handsets. If you don't want to wait, you can sideload that update right now.

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[Update: $20 price increase] Amazon is removing lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive phones

Amazon started selling devices with "Special Offers" years back with the e-ink Kindle, but that option came to Android with the "Prime Exclusive" phones. In exchange for a discounted smartphone, you got to see ads on your lock screen whenever you picked up the phone. It was annoying, sure, but many people were happy to take Amazon up on the offer. Now, Prime Exclusive phones are getting much more compelling with news that Amazon is removing the lock screen ads.

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[Update: Prime LG G6+ too] Deal alert: Prime Exclusive Nokia 6 is $149.99 ($30 off)

Amazon's Prime Exclusive phones remain a popular option for people wanting to save money on phone purchases. While you have to put up with lock screen ads and the bootloader can't be unlocked, Prime phones are often much less expensive than the normal unlocked models. During this month, Amazon will be discounting select Prime Exclusive phones, as much as $50 off the usual prices.

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Four LG phones added to Amazon Prime Exclusive lineup: G6, G6+, Q6, and X Charge

Mobile phones are ridiculously expensive these days, and consumers are often backed into a corner by carriers and retailers. There is a way of bringing the cost down, however, so long as you don't mind a few lock screen adverts and offers. That's the essence of Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones, which can be bought for considerably less than retail price, with the caveat being that Amazon kind of owns your lock screen, and can use it to try to sell you things.

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Amazon has five new Prime Exclusive phones, including the Nokia 6 ($179), Moto E ($99), and Alcatel Idol 5S ($199)

Amazon will begin taking pre-orders today for five new Prime Exclusive phones from the likes of Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel. As usual, Amazon's Prime Exclusive Offers on the lockscreen bring down the cost of the handsets considerably, making them a tempting buy if you're already a Prime subscriber. Let's break down the offerings.

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[Deal Alert] Moto G4 16GB $124.99 and 32GB $154.99 with Amazon offers and ads for Prime members ($75 off)

The Moto G4 is about to launch in the US on July 12 for prices starting $199.99. However, you can get it much cheaper today if you are an Amazon Prime member and you don't mind seeing ads on your lockscreen. How much cheaper? How about $75 less? Yes, that covers 75% of the cost of a yearly Prime membership and puts the Moto G4 at a ridiculously cheap price.

This is possible thanks to Amazon's newly announced Prime Exclusive Phones venture, which basically subsidizes the price of new unlocked phones by putting Amazon apps and ads on your lockscreen. It's the Kindle Fire approach applied to non-Amazon devices.

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