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Whole Foods Prime savings are going nationwide on June 27

Since Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods last year, we've been seeing more and more discounts become available at Whole Foods stores for Prime members. Initially restricted to Florida, these discounts spread to 12 more states two weeks later. They'll soon be available across the United States in all Whole Foods stores nationwide.

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New Whole Foods savings incoming for Amazon Prime members

Amazon announced another new benefit for Prime subscribers today. Over the course of the next few months, members will be eligible for 10% off already-reduced sale items at Whole Foods stores, plus "deep discounts on select best-selling items."

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Audible offers free Channels and audiobooks to Amazon Prime members

Audiobooks are a great way to 'read' when you're driving, cooking, or doing some other activity in which you want listen to something that isn't your favorite musical act. Good thing, then, that Audible is offering free streaming audio books and Channels to Amazon Prime members as part of the 'Prime Benefits' scheme.

The number of audiobooks is upwards of fifty, with the selection changing every so often, so there'll likely be something in that list for even the most picky of readers. In addition, Amazon is offering Audible's newest feature, Channels, to Prime customers, which includes things like ad-free podcasts, comedy shows, non-fiction, and narrated articles from some of the world's biggest and most well-known publishers.

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