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Photos of Pixel 3a packaging leak, possible US price points rumored

Brandon Lee over at This is Tech Today was able to snag a couple of packaging photos of the long-awaited (and long-leaked) Pixel 3a. Together with some snapshots of the stereotypical white cardboard box, we also get some additional confirmation for a few specs, as well as potential US price points — and they're a whole lot lower than previous estimates based on leaked European pricing.

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Moment is raising its prices, but here's a coupon to get some cases and lenses at their old prices

Moment's premium cases and lenses were already pretty pricey, but the company has decided to raise prices across the board. But for those of you who want to snag something from Moment at the previous regular price, the company is offering a coupon code that is valid until tonight.

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[Update: Multiple Grade Prices Are Live] Maps v9.17: Prices For Diesel, Midgrade, And Premium Are Coming For Gas Stations, Hotels Will Gain List Of Amenities [APK Teardown]

Offline navigation and search (and a few other things) are now legitimate features in Google Maps, even if most of us can't use them until our individual accounts are blessed by Mountain View. I get it, I'm in the same boat. Even though there are quite a few additions in this update, it seems that a couple of things didn't quite make the cut; but there are bits and pieces that show they're in the works. A teardown shows that we're probably going to see prices for different types of fuel, rather than just regular.

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TuneIn Radio Pro Price Jumps From $3.99 To $9.99 Without Explanation

TuneIn Radio is a popular streaming audio service that offers free and paid versions of its app, but there's something weird with the pricing today. TuneIn Pro is a bit of a juggernaut in the Play Store with between 1 and 5 million installs—huge for a paid app. It was $3.99 until today. Now? $9.99. Wishing you bought it yesterday?

 2014-07-29 15_56_57-TuneIn Radio Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

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Flow Is An Amazon-Powered Augmented Reality Product Search App That's Not Really As Cool As It Sounds

Amazon-owned development house A9 Innovations has released a product search app built on the idea that instead of tapping buttons to take pictures of products, you'd rather just point your camera at products. Probably not a bad notion! Not exactly the most important thing to spend a bunch of money and time developing, but hey, if you can just wave your phone in front of a movie and get pricing and review information, it's gotta be worth it, right?

flow1 flow2 flow3

Well, it would be, if it worked like that. Unfortunately, in practice the augmented reality app has some trouble recognizing cover art.

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Amazon Accidentally Posts Android Apps, Reveals Pricing - Similar, But Sometimes Cheaper

Well look what we have here: it appears that the site has stumbled upon some (apparently accidentally) posted apps from Amazon's upcoming Android app store. What were the site's daring investigative journalistic practices that led to the discovery? According to Frank from the site, "This morning, just for funzies, I entered in the address bar and found myself on a site with a horizontal slider. 48 apps were shown there. Clicking on one of them doesn’t lead anywhere but the home page. It doesn’t matter, if you try it on a desktop or mobile browsers." While the links didn't take him anywhere special, the apps listed were all priced.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Announced In Germany For €730 Off Contract, €300 + €35 On A Monthly Contract

While Samsung's much anticipated 7-incher is still yet to arrive on a carrier in the USA, availability is spreading throughout Europe. Today, Vodafone Germany posted its prices for the Galaxy Tab, and they're looking pretty steep. For the proposed €729.90 ($1015), you could get not one but two nicely-specced dualcore netbooks (from Samsung!), which makes me question whether this is simply Samsung exploiting a naïve and nascent market; a price bubble which is set to burst shortly.


The on-contract price of €299.90 is also difficult to justify. The €35 "Notebook" tariff does not appear to include any voice minutes, despite the European Galaxy Tab's phone capabilities.

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