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Google Nest Hub and Nest Cam Indoor get permanent price drops in Europe

When Google rolled out its updated Nest Aware subscription pricing last month, it celebrated by giving two products permanent price drops in the US. Similar reductions are now live across Europe, too, so more people can grab a Nest Hub and/or Nest Cam Indoor for a new low price and upgrade their smart home security.

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Opinion: The OnePlus 6T needs another price drop

Over the last week, I've been revisiting the older OnePlus 6T in the wake of using the 7 Pro as my daily driver for some months. While there are still things about the older phone that I enjoy (and frankly prefer, like the smaller size), I just can't recommend the phone anymore at its current $550 price. OnePlus needs to bring that price down closer to or under $500.

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Google drops price of a single Wifi to $99 at all retailers

If you've been thinking about expanding your Google Wifi network but didn't want to cough up the extra $129 for one, you're in luck. Google appears to have permanently dropped the price of a single unit to $99, which is $30 less than before. The 3-pack also appears to have been re-priced to $259.

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Hulu's ad-supported on-demand plan to get cheaper, live TV offerings more expensive

Hulu is rejiggering its pricing model next month. Beginning February 26, the streaming provider's entry-level on-demand package — the one that shows ads with each video — is going down in price by a couple bucks, while the cost of adding live TV to your plan will go up. Hulu's ad-free on-demand plan will stay the same price.

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Pixel 2 XL drops to $699 on the Google Store

As is customary when a new Pixel phone debuts, Google has dropped the price of the older model on the Google Store. The Pixel 2 XL now costs $699, a $150 discount when compared to its original MSRP of $849. Oddly, the Pixel 2 hasn't been discounted at all, meaning it's now just $50 less than its larger brother.

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[Update: €349 in rest of Europe] Google drops Pixel C price significantly in the UK, now just £299

The Pixel C tablet is something of a forgotten product. That has a lot to do with where Android tablets are right now: the category is all but dead by this point. The space has been taken over by cheap Chromebooks, many of which can now run Android apps and operate in tablet mode.

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[Update: Black Moon back in stock] Essential Phone drops by another $50 to $449.99 at Best Buy and Amazon

Yes, you're reading that right - the Essential Phone (and its 360 Camera mod) are already getting another price drop, courtesy of Best Buy. Less than two weeks after the phone's official price drop to $499 (or $300 with the friends and family discount), Best Buy has dropped the Essential Phone's price by another $50 to $449.99. Plus, it's offering the 360 Camera, which has an MSRP of $199.99, for just $49.99. Essential is trying really hard to get rid of these things.

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Essential Phone drops from $1,050 to $650 in Canada

Late last month, Essential dropped the price of its flagship (and only) phone from $699 to $499 in the United States. While Essential said it lowered the price in order to help the company break into the smartphone market, it's also very likely that sales have been poor. A drop was also announced for Canada, but the new price wasn't revealed at the time.

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[Update: Price changes now live] Essential Phone gets a permanent price drop to $499

Besides the poor camera performance, perhaps the biggest complaint with the Essential Phone was the price. While the phone definitely had a premium design with a good software experience, the $700 asking price was a sore point for potential buyers. Now the phone is getting a permanent $200 price drop.

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First-generation Pixel drops to $549, Pixel XL to $669 on Google Store

When new smartphones debut, their predecessors either get discounted or get axed altogether. Google has chosen the former route for the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL, which are now being offered for $100 off their MSRPs thanks to the introduction of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

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