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Fix for Google Home preview program update issue that broke some speakers rolling out (Updated)

Over the last three days, there have been widespread reports of Google Home smart speakers becoming entirely unresponsive. Most of those affected appear to be in the Google Home preview program, which allows the adventurous to test early firmware releases. While a factory reset has fixed the issue for some, for others, it reportedly makes things worse, rendering the device no longer discoverable.

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Google Home getting a Preview Program of its own

Some of you may remember when Google rolled out their Preview Program for Chromecasts last year, which allowed the intrepid to try new firmware releases before they were officially ready for public consumption. Well, users of the Google Home will be able to opt-in to a program of the same name, too. If you are the adventurous early-adopter type to give it a try, prepare for a future of pre-release excitement. 

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