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[Update: It's here] Grand Mountain Adventure is a gorgeous skiing game that's officially launching on the Play Store on March 27th

Last year I stumbled across a post on Reddit that brought Toppluva AB's skiing game Grand Mountain Adventure to my attention. At the time the title was still in an unfinished state since it was released as a beta preview for testing purposes, though what was there was pretty impressive. Well, it would appear that the developer has been hard at work over the last six months. Toppluva AB has just announced that Grand Mountain Adventure is officially launching on the Play Store on March 27th.

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[Update: Read receipts now rolling out to all] Skype finally gets read receipts in Insiders Preview build

In-conversation read receipts are either a useful way to keep track of text-based communication or a hindrance in ignoring people, depending on who you ask. They're finally coming to Skype — but only in its Insider Preview beta build. Now when someone reads a message in either one-on-one or group conversations, their avatar will appear underneath it.

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Grand Mountain Adventure is one of the best skiing games on Android, and it's not even finished yet

Over the weekend one of the developers of Grand Mountain Adventure made a few successful posts on Reddit. Being the homebody that I am, I, of course, saw those posts and gave the game a quick look. Let's just say I came away very impressed, and despite the unfinished state of the title and its limited amount of preview content, I dare say it's one of the best skiing games on Android to date.

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Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 2 is out (NVD83H), makes some significant changes

The Android Wear 2.0 Preview milestone 2 build has been released today for the Huawei Watch and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. You can get the builds for your flashing pleasure here. What's new? I'll let the official Android Developers Blog take it away from here.

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BubbleUPnP And ClockworkMod Developers Show Upcoming Chromecast Features: Stream Any Local Or Cloud File To Your TV

The Chromecast is a nice and easy way to send videos to a local TV, and you can't argue with the price. But right now it's limited to just a few apps streaming directly from existing video and music services. Bubblesoft, makers of the BubbleUPnP media server, are showing off features of an upcoming version that would make Chromecast a lot more useful: streaming nearly any file on your smartphone or cloud drive.

The development build of the BubbleUPnP local streaming app becomes a media source for the Chromecast, allowing it to connect to the phone (via a local WiFi network) instead of a web-hosted service like Netflix.

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International Galaxy S III Gets Its Own CyanogenMod 10 Preview Build

Yesterday, Cyanogen himself stopped by XDA to drop some preview builds for CM10 for some of US variants of the Galaxy S III. Today, the rest of the world gets in on the action, as TeamHacksung member XpLoDWilD offers up a preview build for the international Galaxy S III (i9300). As with the previous release, this thing is packed to the brim with warnings, but when has that stopped you?

cm10i93001 cm10i93002

The release is very, very early and many of the known issues are fairly critical, such as "On the first call, the other end might not hear you. Next calls are fine." So, if you're on the edge of your seat waiting on a callback for that audition, or you're a secret agent staking out a terrorist's domicile and will, at any moment, need to call your superiors and tell them "He's on the move", this ROM might cause you problems.

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