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Eric Schmidt leaving Executive Chairman post at Alphabet to become "technical advisor"


Asmodee Digital reveals their upcoming line-up for Spiel Essen 2017

Back in August I wrote a post about some of Asmodee Digital's upcoming game releases that were announced at Gen Con. Well, it would appear that they have released some more details about these titles this week for Spiel Essen 2017. Anyone familiar with Asmodee Digital will know that they are one of the largest digital board game developers and publishers out there today. So it is no surprise to see that they have a ton of new games planned for release this year and the next.

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Here are Asmodee Digital's upcoming game plans, fresh from Gen Con

Any tabletop fanatic is going to be pretty familiar with popular board game publisher Asmodee Digital. They have produced digital versions of some of the most popular board games out there today. Ticket to Ride, PandemicMysterium, and Splendor are just a few of the high profile releases they have brought to Android, and it would appear that the ride isn't over yet. That's right, Asmodee Digital announced a slew of upcoming games at Gen Con that are either in development right now or are releasing sometime soon.

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Sympathy for the PR agent, or: Someone is trying to sell a battery with a rubber band for fifty bucks

In this job I work with a lot of public relations people. Their task is similar to mine, but in the opposite direction: while the responsibility of tech journalists is to present consumers with information that helps them make buying decisions, PR agents are generally instructed to drive sales by getting the news out. There's nothing wrong with the profession itself, and I've known great PR agents and those who are not so great. But I often look across the professional aisle and feel profound sympathy for my counterparts on the corporate side of tech media.

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Saygus Says It Added Marshmallow, USB-C, Waterproofing, And Dual SIM Card Slots To The V-Squared Phone

Saygus, the company that really will have an actual smartphone for sale any day now, they totally promise, has some more promises for you. A press release issued at Mobile World Congress lays out a series of improvements to the crowdfunded V-Squared phone, which should be easy to implement since the phone still isn't finished despite a first quarter manufacturing target. No less than four, count 'em, four new features have been introduced since... last year's Mobile World Congress. The fact that Saygus has missed multiple ship dates between now and then is conspicuously absent from the press release.

Those features are "waterproofing" (an interesting claim, since every other manufacturer has the sense to cover their asses with the term "water-resistant"), Android 6.0 software, dual-SIM card slots (a popular feature for unlocked and low-cost phones outside the US), and a USB Type-C port, a la that OnePlus 2.

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AT&T Introduces A New $75-7GB Mobile Data Tier... For When 10GB Is Too Much, But 6GB Is Not Enough

Far be it from us to question the actions of a multi-billion dollar corporation... no, wait, questioning the actions of corporations is exactly what we're supposed to be doing. Let's try this again: hey AT&T, what gives? Today the carrier is introducing a new tier to its data pricing, giving it a grand total of eleven options in its Mobile Share Value plan segment. $75 gets you 7GB of data, with the new rollover feature enabled.

att plans

AT&T's current collection of data tiers. The $75/7GB option will be available Sunday.

There's nothing odd about that in and of itself, but AT&T's plans have become strangely specific over the last few months.

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LG Slips The European Price Of The G Watch R Into A German Press Release: 299 Euro

Aside from its round P-OLED screen and stylish case design, the G Watch R is remarkably similar to the original LG G Watch. But as just about anyone could guess, consumers will be paying a premium for that style when the round Android Wear device is released later this year. If LG's German press release announcing the G Watch R is accurate, it's going to be quite a premium indeed. The PR lists the suggested retail price as 299 euro, a full €100 more expensive than the G Watch. It also gives a slightly more precise release date: October.


€300 is approximately $395, but thanks to the economics of releasing electronics and other high-value goods in Europe, the American price will probably be much closer to $300.

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Trend Micro Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot After Falsely Claiming That The Play Store Is Full Of Malware

Just like any open marketplace, there's a lot of crap in the Play Store. In a strange and roundabout way, I'm actually OK with that - separating the silver from the dross of Android apps is one of our core functions at Android Police. But a recent promotion from antivirus vendor Trend Micro painted an extremely dim picture of the Play Store. The company claimed, among other things, that the Play Store was full of "potentially evil doppelgangers... with many carrying malware."

Trend's report of the situation (PDF link) was chilling, reporting that 100% of the Top 10 apps in the Finance, Media & Video, and Widgets categories had fake apps associated with them, along with 90% in the Business, Music, and Weather categories.

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Sony Debuts The Xperia T3, A 5.3" Phone With A Svelte 7mm Frame And Decidedly Mid-Range Specs

The mid-range market continues to expand into larger and larger handsets, and Sony doesn't want to be left behind. To that end, they've announced the Xperia T3, a 5.3-inch Android phone with an awesome industrial design, but internals that will leave hardware buffs wanting more. The star of the show is an all-steel body that's admirably thin at just 7mm. It will be available globally in late July.

Move past the admittedly pretty body (available in white, black, or purple), and you'll see hardware that's shooting for the bottom of the mid-range. First, the large "Triluminous" LCD screen is only 720p, meaning it will be noticeably less sharp (227 PPI) than most of the other phones at that size.

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LG G3 Gets Official: 5.5" 2560x1440 Screen, Snapdragon 801, 2-3GB Of RAM, MicroSD And Removable Battery, And A 13MP Camera With Laser Auto-Focus

LG didn't do much of a job keeping the flagship G3 under wraps - pretty much every detail has been leaked in some capacity before today. But the press event in London made it official and laid the phone bare for all to see. LG's headliner for 2014 bests headliners from both Samsung and HTC with a 5.5", 2560x1440 screen boasting a DPI of 538. Unfortunately the oh-so-shiny case is only "metallic" (read: plastic), and not true metal like the HTC One family.

LG G3 3%5B20140527171314473%5D

The phone's camera is also given a boost, not in megapixels, but in focusing power. The G3's camera has the same 13 megapixel resolution and optical image stabilization as previous models, but a tiny infrared laser module next to the rear camera will allow for more accurate autofocus in "a fraction of the time" required by conventional smartphone lenses.

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