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[Updated] LG G6 carrier pricing and availability list - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon

The LG G6 was announced around three weeks ago, but as is typical with phone launches, we haven't heard much regarding availability aside from acknowledgement from all four major operators that they will be carrying the phone. Several carriers have now revealed details on their G6's pricing and availability. We'll continue to update this list as more info comes out.

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Huawei Is Selling The Nexus 6P Through Its US Website, Too - Here's Why You Might Want To Consider It

The Google Store is already taking pre-orders for the Nexus 6P, and I'm sure a ton of you have already placed one. But there's an alternative you might want to check out, at least if you live in the US: Huawei's own online storefront. The manufacturer is also selling the phone directly to consumers, with a shipping date of late October. The prices are the same as the Google Store, but there are a few pros and cons for selecting Huawei as your phone vendor instead. Let's break them down:


  • Google and Huawei may be drawing from different stock, so lower order numbers on Huawei's site might mean you get your phone sooner.
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Verizon Has The Moto 360 With Metal Band Up For Pre-Order, Estimated Delivery Date November 11th

We knew Motorola was planning to sell the Moto 360 with a metal band later this fall, but Verizon already has a pre-order page up. That's the good news. The not so good news is that it won't ship until November 11th, according to the site. Ouch.

2014-09-08 04_16_28-Moto 360 with Metal Band _ Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless

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LG G Watch And Samsung Gear Live Pre-Orders Are Live In The Play Store

The first two Android Wear devices have just gone live in the Play Store. You can get your pre-order in today and Google will ship them your way as soon as they're in stock. The G Watch is selling for $229 and the Gear Live will be a little cheaper at $199.

2014-06-25 18_07_50-LG G Watch (Black Titan) - Devices on Google Play

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Forget The Find 7a – Oppo's High-End Find 7 Now Available For Preorder At $599

Oppo announced the Find 7 in two flavors a few months ago, but it only sold the lower end Find 7a until now. Preorders are finally live for the Oppo Find 7 with a better screen, more RAM, and more storage. It'll also cost you a little more money, but not as much as you might expect.

find-7a-midnight-international-versionfind-7a-midnight-international-version (1)  find-7a-midnight-international-version (2)

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LTE-Enabled Version Of The Moto G Shows Up On Amazon For $219.99, Shipping On June 30th

Update: Amazon's pre-order page has been updated, and now it appears the Moto G LTE will be shipping out on June 3rd (next week). Nice.

The Moto G is probably the best deal in low-end Android hardware at the moment, but its modest specs are missing one vital component: LTE connectivity. It looks like Motorola is aiming to fix that omission, admittedly with a slight premium. LTE versions of the previously 3G-only phone are now on Amazon in a pre-order form, set to ship on June 30th for $219.99. That's just $20 more than the standard no-contract phone.

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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Preorders Are Live With Your Choice Of $199.99 On-Contract Or $0 Down Easy Pay

Sprint is joining the ranks of carriers that will take your cash for the promise of delivering a Galaxy S5 to your door next month. The device can be obtained in two ways on the Now Network – $199.99 (after a $50 mail in rebate) with a contract, or $0 down and monthly payments with Easy Pay.

2014-03-21 10_43_34-Samsung Galaxy S5_ Get the latest Galaxy Phone from Sprint.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Preorders On AT&T Are Live – $199.99 On-Contract, Shipping April 8th

The big day has finally arrived – you can lay down some hard-earned cash on Samsung's latest and greatest. AT&T is asking $199.99 for the Galaxy S5 in either white or black, with shipping currently slated for April 8th. You can expect the device to show up on or around the April 11th release date.

2014-03-21 09_01_37-Samsung Galaxy S 5 – Coming Soon to AT&T

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Verizon's Galaxy Note 3 And Galaxy Gear Bundle Pre-Orders Are Available Now, Shipping By October 10th

If you've already made the decision to give someone your money for the Galaxy Note 3, Verizon is more than happy to take it. You can now put down $299.99 to pre-order the Note 3 on a two-year contract, a whopping $699.99 for an unsubsidized phone, or reserve a no-money-down phone on Verizon's Edge upgrade plan.

note 3 preorder

Verizon will also be selling the Galaxy Gear smartwatch directly. You can reserve one along with your Galaxy Note 3 for $599.98 (the same price as a $300 Gear and an on-contract Note 3). There are no savings here and no real reason to buy the package deal unless you're convinced that the Galaxy Gear will be in short supply when it launches.

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Pre-Orders Go Live For The Neptune Pine, A Smartwatch With An Identity Crisis

Back in February, we detailed the specs of the the Neptune Pine, a strangely-named smartwatch that doubles as a smartphone. If you've been chomping at the bit in anticipation of wearing this monstrosity's 2.5" display on your wrist, the time has come. The Neptune Pine is now available for pre-order at, lightening your bank account to the tune of $335 for the 16GB version or $395 for the 32GB model. Both are available in Jet Black and Polar White. It looks like they're also throwing in a bonus heart rate monitor for the pre-order crowd, so for those of you out there who want to exercise with a small TV on your wrist, this is it.

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