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Gangfort Is The 2D Platformer Version Of Team Fortress 2 You Never Knew You Wanted

If you're a PC gamer, odds are that you have at least a passing familiarity with Team Fortress 2. Valve's team-based shooter has become nothing less than iconic since its release almost a decade ago, thanks to impressive balance, a fun atmosphere, and a never-ending supply of updated content. We'll probably never see a full version of the game for Android (since Valve isn't really in the game-making business these days), but an indie developer has given us the next best thing: a 2D platformer version.

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Everything Is Awesome Now That The LEGO Movie (The Video Game) Is Available In The Play Store

Far be it from me to criticize a multi-billion-dollar company for falling behind in its release schedule but... really, Warner Bros? The LEGO Movie came out more than two years ago, and you're just now getting around to releasing an Android version? Even back when video games ran on machines with the power of a calculator, they generally got around to releasing the movie tie-in within a month or so of the theatrical release.

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Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories Brings The Original Farming Simulator To Android For Ten Bucks

I've never understood why farming seems to have such appeal in a digital form. I've done some real farming, sweating my ass off in the Texas summer to try and get hay out of the ground using nothing but prayers and cow manure. It's simple honest work, but I don't think anyone could call it "fun." Then again I don't remember fairies or ice princesses or villages full of attractive and available women in my grandparents' back 40, so maybe farming is different in Japan, home of the venerated Harvest Moon series.

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Crazy-Hard Platformer 'Super Meat Boy' And Multiplayer Dodgeball Game 'Stikbold' Come To The SHIELD Android TV

In a continuing attempt to establish its SHIELD hardware as a platform all its own, NVIDIA keeps securing exclusive games from indie developers. Today we get two, count 'em, two games that have become favorites on Steam and other download services: Super Meat Boy and Stikbold! The former is an old-school platformer with wicked difficulty and a biting sense of humor, and the latter is a 3D reinterpretation of retro games like Super Dodge Ball. Super Meat Boy costs a hefty $15 and it's available for the SHIELD TV and SHIELD Tablet, but Stikbold! ($10) is only for the Android TV hardware.

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LEGO Jurassic World Lets Players Explore All Four Movies As The Real Stars: The Dinosaurs

Okay, so Jurassic World didn't exactly live up to the groundbreaking standards of the original movie. That probably doesn't matter to the herds of kids who went to see it just to watch some dinosaurs scaring the crap out of a bunch of puny humans. That being the case, a tie-in with LEGO for toys and games is pretty brilliant. After a substantial delay, you can now play the LEGO video game version of Jurassic World, which also includes bits from the original Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and that other one with Téa Leoni.

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Talisman: The Horus Heresy Puts The Popular Board Game In A Warhammer 40,000 Setting

Here's a little exercise for you: think of your favorite board game. Now add hulking space marines, chainsaw swords, and elaborate baroque spaceships. Try to imagine any possible way that this is not awesome. Monopoly would go faster if you could fill all that mortgage nonsense with epic infantry battles, and someone might actually play backgammon if you could call in an orbital strike. Until that wonderful day arrives, we have Talisman: The Horus Heresy, a re-working of Talisman within the popular sci-fi setting of Warhammer 40,000.

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Casual Sports Favorite Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Is Now Available On SHIELD Android TV For Twenty Bucks

Baseball games tend to veer on the side of "simulator" sports titles - they've been getting progressively more complex, and more technically taxing, since the 16-bit days when players stopped looking like a collection of squares. The latest high-profile game to hit NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV device bucks that trend with a setup tuned for quick play that emphasizes fun over everything else. Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings combines cartoony visuals and an unlicensed feel with surprisingly deep physics and a ton of options. It's available on the Play Store now for the high price of $20, and unfortunately, it's only compatible with the SHIELD TV.

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ChemCaper Act 1 Mixes RPG Sensibilities With Real Chemistry Lessons, Available Now In The Play Store For $8

Ask any teacher or parent: it's awfully difficult to mix real, practical learning with conventional kid's entertainment. That's why those few properties that actually manage to pull it off, like Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, and Schoolhouse Rock are held in such high regard, even decades after they've finished their respective runs. A new game called ChemCaper is trying to do just that, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first episode is now available on Android.

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LEGO Goes Back To Its Action-Adventure Stomping Grounds With Batman: DC Super Heroes

Later this month, DC will release its next gigantic tentpole movie into theaters, in which Super-Cavill and Batfleck will (presumably) grimace at each other for 150 minutes while Wonder Woman begs them for some screen time. If you prefer your superheroes to have a little fun and self-awareness (and you can't wait for the next Marvel movie to come out), LEGO just released another Batman game in the Play Store. Batman: DC Super Heroes can be yours for $5.

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Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, An Innovative PS2-Era Adventure Game, Gets A Remastered Release On The Play Store

Back in 2005, video games really wanted to be movies. "Cinematic" was the buzzword of the day, though it usually translated to "a whole lot of cutscenes." Games still haven't quite gotten over their movie crush, but one of the distinct styles of games to emerge from that era was the narrative-focused 3D adventure. These games mixed the traditional inventory puzzles and story-focused dialogue of adventure games with big-budget production and quick-time controls. The works of director David Cage, including games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, are the primary examples of the genre.

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