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Puzzle game Human Resource Machine lets players program their own corporate drones

In 1961 a musical called How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying made light of the growing corporate culture in America. Half a century later, those same corporations are seen by many as a necessary evil, a soulless machine that runs on the lives of its employees. It's appropriate, then, that Human Resource Machine is more or less the opposite of How To Succeed in Business: instead of starting in the mailroom and becoming the CEO in a fun-filled week of singing and dancing, you play a literal human machine whose behavior is programmed like a computer, and who spends decades in service to a company that has nothing but contempt for you.

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Kathy Rain brings an original detective story wrapped in an old-school adventure game format

There are a lot of point-and-click adventure games on the Play Store, some of them ports of classics from decades ago, some of them original games spurred on by the genre's mobile renaissance. But none seem so downright dedicated to the classic format as Kathy Rain, the rookie effort from independent developer Clifftop Games. Equal parts Agatha Christie and Broken Sword, the game's graphics, setting, and sound design are all crafted to call back to the golden age of 90s adventures with an original story.

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Steam multiplayer favorite Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes comes to Daydream VR

Remember that scene from every action movie ever, where the headstrong but academically challenged hero has to be walked through an on-the-job lesson in bomb defusal by the specialist on the other end of the radio/phone/hyperspace ansible connection? Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is basically that experience, set up for two players (the on-the-job hero and remote specialist), and designed to create the maximum amount of tension possible. It debuted on Steam last year, but now it's available on the Play Store for early Daydream VR users.

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Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator lets players destroy their opponents in the most British way possible

In 2013, the Daily Express ran an informal poll that determined Winston Churchill's famous response to a Parliament member, "Yes I am drunk, but in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly," to be the best insult in history. That's certainly debatable, but it demonstrates that the Brits love a good jape, the more cutting the better. That attitude has been given life in Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator, a turn-based combat game where insults are your weapons and words are your ammunition.

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Beautiful 2D puzzler Pavilion makes its way to the SHIELD TV for $10

There are a lot of PC and console games that have made their way to NVIDIA's SHIELD set-top box, but I believe that Pavilion is the first to get an exclusive launch on the platform before making its way elsewhere. The 2D puzzle-adventure game from Visiontrick, which mixes elements of old point-and-click adventure games with more modern fare like Monument Valley, is now on the Play Store for ten bucks. It'll make its way to the PS4, Vita, Steam, and Humble stores later this month.

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[Update: Now for phones and tablets] Riptide GP: Renegade brings premium jet ski racing to the SHIELD TV, phone and tablet release coming later

Vector Unit has cultivated a reputation as one of the most consistently solid developers on Android, so a new release from them is always a good thing. But when it's a new entry in the Riptide GP series, then it's time to call the boss and tell him you're (cough, cough) "sick." Riptide GP: Renegade is the third installment, and SHIELD Android TV owners can play it right now, only a few days after the PC and console release. A wider mobile release is coming later.

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Square Enix releases Deus Ex GO, a turn-based take on the fan-favorite franchise

Adam Jensen, cyborg protagonist of the well-received Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its upcoming sequel Mankind Divided, didn't ask for this. It's something he likes to remind everyone right before he hacks through a locked door, sneaks behind a cybernetic guard, and impales him with an augmented blade-limb. And we didn't ask for Deus Ex GO, a turn-based, board game-style reinterpretation of the series for mobile phones and tablets... but we're glad it's here anyway.

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Reigns from Devolver Digital takes the Tinder approach to medieval kingdom management

Decisions are the essence of drama. You can have ten thousand explosions go off in every second of your story, but until someone decides what to do about them, nobody will care. The latest mobile game from prolific publisher Devolver Digital gets that: it's an odd mix between a card game and Tinder with a cartoon medieval setting. In Reigns, each tiny decision builds up a procedurally-generated story of your time spent as king.

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Her Story, a trippy crime thriller game-movie hybrid, comes to the Play Store for three bucks

If you follow the indie game development scene you've probably heard of Her Story, if only in passing. It's an incredibly unique game where you play a homicide investigator trying to solve a murder. But unlike most games with that description, Her Story doesn't task you with running around a noir-inspired city or shooting hundreds of criminals. Instead you have a series of police interview videos, all delivered in live action by actress Viva Seigert, which you must organize and decipher to solve the case.

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2D Shooter 'Not A Hero' Brings Pixelated Ultra-Violence To Android TV And SHIELD Devices For $13

Devolver Digital has consistently brought some of its published titles to Android, so long as you're lucky enough to own a SHIELD-branded machine. Their latest port is Not A Hero, a 2D shooter that has a very old-school style of gameplay mixed with a somewhat modern approach to everything else. The game absolutely revels in its stylized, Guy Ritchie-esque British ultra-violence mixed with the kind of humor you might expect to see on any given Internet forum.

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