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Quirky Co-op Platformer Chariot Comes To The Google Play Store As Another SHIELD TV Exclusive

NVIDIA must be paying its developer partners really well. That's the only reason I can think of that so many developers of 2D games, which could be played well on just about any modern Android device, keep creating SHIELD-exclusive games. Heck, half of Devolver Digital's current games could run on a bargain bin tablet ripped from a Wallgreens shelf. So I invite you to wonder just how many potential sales Frima Studio (developer of previous wide releases like Nun Attack) is giving up by making Chariot exclusive to the SHIELD TV... and how much NVIDIA incentivizes developers to make up for those sales.

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Door Kickers Brings Innovative Controls To The Squad-Based Tactical Strategy Genre, But Only On Tablets

Door Kickers is a military-style, real-time, top-down, squad-focused tactical game. If all those hyphens mean nothing to you, imagine it as something like XCOM with a more straightforward interface and a severe lack of aliens. But the difference between more conventional tactical games and Door Kickers is what makes it exciting: the game's 2D interface boils the admittedly niche genre down into its purest elements of placement, timing, and sight lines. It's available for Android tablets (and only tablets) for $5.

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Rebuild 3: Gangs Of Deadsville Is A Zombie-Themed Base-Builder That You Might Actually Want To Play

When you read the words "zombie-themed base-builder," some of the more hilariously awful games on the Play Store come to mind, including this classic gem of wanton intellectual property theft. But don't close the tab just yet: Rebuild 3 is a zombie of a different off-green hue. First of all, it comes from developer Northway Games, which made such unique titles as Inredipede and Deep Under the Sky. Second, it's a premium $5 title with no in-app purchases, which is more than you can say for the vast majority of both builder and zombie games for Android.

And third, it's just a solid game overall.

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PC Pilgrim Titan Souls Challenges You To Kill Everything With A Single Arrow, But Only On SHIELD Hardware

Green Arrow is a mamma's boy. Hawkeye is overrated. Katniss is a pushover. All of those archer-themed heroes should try saving the world with just one arrow - maybe then they'd approach the sheer brass-balled awesomeness of the protagonist in Titan Souls. As he wanders in a twilight world between the living and the dead, he slays gigantic monsters with a single hit from his arrow... though he does get a little help, since it's magical and he can easily retrieve it after every shot.

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LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham Takes Players On A Tour Of The DC Comics Universe For $5

LEGO's mobile games are getting more and more complex. The latest large-scale game in the series to hit the Play Store is LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham, which originally came out for consoles as "LEGO Batman 3" back in November of last year. The version we're getting looks like an enhanced port of the Nintendo 3DS game, much like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. That said, it looks pretty fantastic for a mobile game.

You play the Caped Crusader and an enormous number of DC Universe allies as they face off against a cavalcade of some of the biggest villains in the continuity.

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Classic Educational Puzzle Game Zoombinis Comes To Android After A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Ah, the 90s, when computers were only good for Word Perfect, Minesweeper, and whatever "edutainment" software the school had budgeted for this year. One of the standouts among some pretty decent educational games was Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, a series of puzzles centering around the titular tiny Smurf-like critters. If you have fond memories of that game, or later entries in the series, mosey on over to the Play Store. A new and updated version is now available for download.

This remake of the original game, now simply titled "Zoombinis," follows a successful revival of the series on Kickstarter.

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Find A Crew, Find A Job, And Keep Flying In Space Trade-Em-Up Cosmonautica, Now Out Of Early Access

When you stare into the infinite void of space, salted with stars so vast and distant that they defy the human mind to imagine them, you can't help but wonder at the scope and majesty of the universe. Then you start to wonder how to make some money out of it.

Cosmonautica is the latest in a long line of space trading sims, the stellar ancestors of the old "pirate math" games from the 80s. And yes, buying and selling goods across star systems serves as the core of the game, with profits enabling you to upgrade and arm your ship, hire new crew, and expand your business.

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Help Little Red Riding Hood Escape Toothy Death In Hexagonal Puzzler A Day In The Woods

In A Day in the Woods, you help to protect Little Red Riding Hood, who apparently lacks the sense to avoid woods infested with wolves and bears while she wanders haphazardly from cottage to cottage. Well, Red doesn't actually move at all - she stays stationary on her hexagonal puzzle tile, and you move her and the adjacent tiles to get her to the house on each level. You're given a limited amount of moves per stage to hit par, and you'll also have to grab the flowers that grow before clearing the stage.

It's more complicated than it looks. Certain tiles like rocks and trees can't be moved, and you'll have to keep Red at least two tiles away from a bear or wolf to avoid mauling - there are no handy lumberjacks to take them out.

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SPACECOM Is A Minimal Multiplayer Sci-Fi Strategy Game From The Makers Of The Anomaly Series

Real-time strategy seems to be all about hundreds of actions per minute these days, if you can even find a strategy game that's not a clone of Clash of Clans or League of Legends or Army of Alliteration. SPACECOM takes a different approach: it's a minimal sci-fi game where your captured star systems are just solar diagrams, your ships and fleets are a series of triangles, and there's a definite lack of guns or explosions.

If you've ever played Wing Commander: Armada, SPACECOM plays out like a real-time version of the strategy portions of that game (minus the full 3D space battles, of course).

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Sparkle 3 Genesis Adds Some Much-Needed Structure To The 'Float Around And Eat Stuff' Genre

The Sparkle series of games use a 2D layout and a "zen" approach, putting players in the role of a tiny plankton-like creature as it eats, grows, and evolves. The third game steps up the design of both the sea life and the background until it looks like you're playing in a catastrophic oil spill comprised entirely of tie-dye. Eat, grow, and try not to be eaten in return as you swim through the levels.

There's a dedicated "amoeba" sub-genre out there (it works pretty well on touchscreens) but Sparkle 3 Genesis adds some much-needed complexity. Different food sources will make your creature grow in different ways, introducing a crafting element, and twelve different levels and intermittent screen-filling bosses lend structure to an other wise nebulous experience.

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