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[Update: Out now] Lovecraftian card game Cultist Simulator is coming to Android on April 2nd

Weather Factory originally released its Lovecraftian card game Cultist Simulator on PC in May of 2018, and Playdigious has taken the reins for the development of the mobile version that will soon land on Android on April 2nd. Weather Factory has recently announced the official release date of the Cultist Simulator mobile port on its official Twitter account, and you can even pre-register for the title on the Google Play Store.

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Google Play opens pre-registration to all developers, increases App Bundle size limit, and more

Google's big announcement for the Game Developer Conference (GDC) isn't coming until tomorrow, but it isn't all the company has planned. Google today announced a series of changes coming to the Play Store, primarily focused on game development, but also plenty of general-purpose features for developers.

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Niantic's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available on the Play Store for pre-registration

Niantic has revealed in an official blog post a first look at its upcoming augmented reality game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and as of this morning the title is available on the Play Store for pre-registration. The blog post covers the basic premise of the game. Players will be able to take part in a unique Wizarding experience by saving a world befallen by a calamity as a recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force.

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[Update: Coming March 14th] Stardew Valley is available for pre-registration on the Play Store

Last October we learned that Stardew Valley would finally be coming to Android thanks to an announcement from ConcernedApe, though no release date was given at the time. Well, it would appear that we are finally nearing the release with Stardew Valley's recent pre-registration listing on the Play Store. So if you're eager to get your hands on the game and would like to be notified when it goes live, make sure to visit the new Play Store listing and click on the pre-registration button.

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Team17 is bringing The Escapists 2 to Android, and you can pre-register right now

Team17 is probably best known for its Worms franchise, but it's also the publisher of titles like Sheltered and The Escapists. Never a company to sit on its laurels, Team17 has announced today that The Escapists 2 is coming to mobile under the moniker The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout. It's slated for release on January 31st, which means it will be available for download in only 13 days. If you're eager to get your hands on the sequel, the listing is already available on the Play Store so that fans can pre-register for the release.

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Popular adventure-strategy game 'This Is the Police' is coming to Android

We at Android Police endeavor to bring you the best Android-related news, but rarely do we get to bring you Android police news. Today, we do. The popular indie game "This Is the Police" is coming to Android, and you can sign up for a release notification right now.

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Tony Hawk's Skate Jam is available for pre-registration

The original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a game that many people remember fondly. Sure, it may not be the perfect skateboarding game, but it definitely nailed the fun of the sport to the point that it's now considered a classic. This is why I'm sure more than a few of you will be excited to hear an official Tony Hawk skateboarding game is coming to Android. It's called Tony Hawk's Skate Jam, and it just popped up on the Play Store for pre-registration.

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Diablo Immortal's got an uphill battle to convince gamers of its good intentions

By now, you've probably heard all about Blizzard's blunder of an announcement for Diablo Immortal, an upcoming mobile MMORPG. Of all places, Blizzard chose to reveal this game at BlizzCon, which didn't go over too well with the hardcore fans that attend such an event. But now that the dust has settled a little, many of us are still left wondering if Diablo Immortal is actually a cheaply made mobile MMORPG or a rightful member of the franchise. If anything, Blizzard's refusal to comment on the monetization is somewhat worrying.

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Blizzard announces Diablo Immortal for mobile devices, opens pre-registration

BlizzCon 2018 is in full swing, and Blizzard has just revealed the latest entry into the Diablo series. The new game, which is coming soon, is called Diablo Immortal, and it's is an MMO set to take place between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. So, why are we mentioning it? Turns out, it's coming to Android.

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[Update: Listing removed] Dead Cells is coming to Android, and you can pre-register right now

Hey, look at this, the Metroidvania indie hit Dead Cells is coming to Android. The listing just popped up on the Play Store a few minutes ago, and it's currently available for pre-registration. I can't promise that the publisher Playdigious didn't jump the gun a little early, so make sure to check this out while you can.

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