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The Turing Phone Is Being Delayed—Folks Who Don't Cancel Their Pre-Order Will Get A Free Storage Upgrade For Sticking Around

The Turing phone, advertised as "unhackable," looks and sounds like a handset that would never see the light of day. Call it a work of science fiction, a fanboy's wet dream of a device materialized out of Robotech. But prototypes exist and pre-orders have gone live. Thing is, that promised shipment date of December 18th has been delayed.

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Verizon's LG G4 Pre-Orders Start May 28th, LG G Pad X8.3 Available In Stores Same Day

Verizon will be ready to take your money in exchange for an LG G4 tomorrow, May 28th. The phone won't be in stores until June 4th, but pre-orders will start shipping before then. Also on the 28th, you'll be able to walk into a Verizon store and walk out with the new LG G Pad X8.3, which leaked a few weeks ago.


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Asus ZenFone 2 Is Available For Pre-Order On Amazon, Auto-Notify Listings Live On Newegg And B&H Too

The Asus ZenFone 2 is one of the more interesting unlocked phones to be announced lately, and you can secure yours right now on Amazon. A few more US retailers have product pages up, but it looks like it's just Amazon taking orders. The first round will ship on May 20th.

2015-05-18 20_18_47-Amazon.com_ ASUS ZenFone 2 5.5-Inch 16 GB Smartphone - Unlocked (Black)_ Cell Ph

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T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Pre-Orders Are Already Being Delivered To Some Lucky Folks

The official availability date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is April 10th, but T-Mobile cares not for the workings of the calendar. Pre-orders made on Friday with overnight shipping are currently on-track for Monday deliveries, and a few Edge devices have already shown up for those who selected Saturday delivery.

IMG_20150328_104147 8abeca07c6d40c7fb2dcb629cebadf78 c978e255ed88da9e1b2b8d971bf952b0

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[Roundup] The HTC One M9 And Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Can Be Pre-Ordered From Most US Carriers, Here's How

The announcements have happened and the reactions have been vented. For many, now is decision-making time when it comes to their next Android phone. We're happy to report that the HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge are available for pre-order on nearly all US carriers. If you're ready to make your choice, you can probably make it official right now.

Let's break it down by phone and carrier. You may want to use the table of contents to navigate to the phone/carrier of interest to you. Explanations of what different payment plans mean are included in the M9 section.

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Nexus 6 Play Store Orders Have Started Shipping

Those lucky few who were able to order a Nexus 6 from the Play Store in that first round should have a surprise on their doorsteps very soon. Buyers started getting shipping notifications last night indicating the devices are on the way.


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Nexus 6 Pre-Orders Are Live In India Via Flipkart

Google's latest and greatest smartphone is still hard to come by in most of the world (i.e. impossible), but Indian buyers can now pre-order the phone for quite a lot of money. Flipkart is offering both colors and storage sizes on its website for shipping in the second week of December.

2014-11-18 02_12_28-Mobiles - Buy Nexus 6 Mobiles Online at Best Prices in India Only at

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Sprint's Nexus 6 Is Available For Order—Blue 32GB Version Only

Sprint's original announcement said that today would be the big day—you'd be able to wander into a Sprint store on November 14th and buy a Nexus 6. Well, it's not clear exactly what's going on. Sprint has put the Nexus 6 up on its website, but there's no firm ship date.

2014-11-14 02_22_31-Nexus 6

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders Now Available - $27.50 A Month For Two Years Or $660 Total

Today's the day T-Mobile makes the Galaxy S5 available for pre-order, following closely behind AT&T and US Cellular. Eager customers are now welcome over at the carrier's website, where they can call dibs on a Galaxy S5. No one will be charged until the devices are actually shipped, but the handset will go for $660 upfront or $27.50 a month for twenty-four months.


T-Mobile's prices closely match those of AT&T, though its full retail price is $10 pricier than the latter. Both are delivering the device on its April 11th launch date, so anyone who pre-orders now will have nearly three weeks to wait.

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AT&T And US Cellular Announce Samsung Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow (March 21st) [Update: T-Mobile On March 24th]

The first two US carriers to tell you when they'll take your Galaxy S5 money are AT&T and US Cellular. Both carriers have announced the start of GS5 pre-orders on March 21st. The Galaxy S5 will cost $199 on-contract with either carrier and $649 without (only listed by AT&T).


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