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Stupid User-Submitted Google Maps Change Shows Bugdroid Pissing On Apple, Google Responds By Getting Rid Of It

Google and Apple made headlines earlier today, but not in the usual manner (okay, maybe in the normal way, depending on what circles you hang around in). Folks noticed an image of an Android peeing on an apple. While there's nothing inherently offensive about peeing on an apple, the giant chunk of fruit missing implies that this is Google's mobile platform taking a shot at a well-known competitor's.

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CyanogenMod Nightly ROM Builds Are 'Powered By Microsoft' For April 1st

Did those rumors of Microsoft investing in professional ROM developer Cyanogen spook you, Android purist? Then you might want to skip flashing today's nightly build for your Nexus 6. Starting late last night, CyanogenMod devotees who flashed the March 31st nightly builds to their phones and tablets were disheartened to see the following message as Android was upgrading:


That sound you heard was millions of CyanogenMod devotees who cried out in terror...

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[Epic Lulz Thursday] Prank Your Friends With Shavester And Watch Them Freak Out

I'm not usually a supporter of apps that don't have much of a purpose, especially the ones that fall under the "pranks" category. Now, I say "usually" because most of the time these apps are pretty stupid (I'm looking at you, iFarts) or not very prank-worthy.

Rarely, however, worthy apps do come out, and the recent Shavester is one of them - it caught my attention due to the freakout potential of turning your merry friends into something like Britney here, except not as happy, if only for just a few seconds.

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