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Aukey has wireless earbuds, USB wall chargers, and more on sale for today only

Aukey produces a ton of accessories, but the company is perhaps best known for its various USB wall chargers. For today only, you can get six of the company's wall adapters, a pair of wireless earbuds, a dash cam, and more for 30-45% off.

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Kasa Smart Power Strip review: Six smart outlets in one package

Internet-connected outlets are among the most common smart home devices, partially because they are typically cheap (~$30-50), and partially because they are so versatile. Do you constantly leave the TV or computer on after you leave home? Do you hate using Hue bulbs? Use a smart outlet.

The vast majority of smart plugs only have one outlet. If you need multiple internet-connected plugs in the same place, TP-Link has just the product for you. The new Kasa Power Strip has six individually-addressable smart outlets, complete with energy monitoring and scheduling features. Each plug can be controlled using the Kasa app, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away 25 BESTEK '3-Outlet Vertical Cube Mountable Power Strips,' plus $13 off coupons for everyone else [US]

The BESTEK 3-Outlet Vertical Cube Mountable Power Strip is designed to help you manage your cables while also providing enough power for your needs. The cube is great for when you need to plug in a lot of large USB bricks, but don't have a lot of room to spare. So if you are looking for a convenient way to charge your electronics while saving space, you are in luck. BESTEK and AP have teamed up to give away 25 3-Outlet Vertical Cube Mountable Power Strips to our US readers. We also have a $13-off coupon available as a convenience for those of you who would like to purchase one today.

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[Deal Alert] Bestek's crazy 6-outlet power strip, USB charging station, and phone dock is $16 on Amazon ($5 off)

You probably have at least a few power strips laying around, and maybe a phone dock or USB charging station too. This... thing from Bestek is all three combined. Now you can get it for just $16 on Amazon with a coupon code.

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[Deal Alert] $16 will buy you an Aukey Power Strip with 4 USB Ports & 4 Outlets ($4 off)

Aukey has a power strip on sale today that has four outlets and four USB ports for just $16, that's 20% off the normal price. The four USB ports will save you from wasting precious outlets on USB chargers and clear up room for much more important items.

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Woodie Hub review: The Cadillac of all-in-one power strips, with a €220 price tag to match

I have never thought of power strips as sexy or gorgeous. To me, all power strips were unavoidable tools that did their job while hiding behind a desk or under a cabinet. The fact that they all looked like cheap pieces of plastic was a necessary evil, a price to pay for their convenient functionality. But that all changed when I saw the Woodie Hub project on Kickstarter.

The Woodie oozed class in a modern and minimalistic way. This was a power strip you could display on your desk, a table in your living room, a bedside table, without it sticking out in the décor like a sore thumb.

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