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Anker's 60W USB-C wall charger on sale at all-time low of $38 ($16 off) today only

It's the week before Thanksgiving and you're probably about to head off to the relatives or to a friend's apartment to share in a meal, some laughs, and maybe a good dose of anxiety. One source of anxiety you'd want to nip right from the bud is power sourcing — you've got gadgets, after all. Fortunately, Anker has a few good deals running today only on Amazon to satisfy your needs.

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Get Anker's 20,100 mAh power bank plus a 30W USB-C charger for $60 ($40 off)

USB-C is so hot right now. A lot of users refuse to buy products that don't include the new standard, which makes this Anker bundle particularly enticing: it includes both a USB-C-equipped, 20,100 mAh power bank and a 30-watt USB-C wall charger. Even better, you can get it for 40 percent off using our exclusive coupon code.

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The best portable batteries and chargers you can buy right now (Winter 2018)

With phones, laptops, and audio devices all beginning to switch to USB Type-C, there's never been a better time to pick up batteries and chargers. However, there are an awful lot out there, and it can get difficult to choose between them. We've rounded up our favorites, along with some other accessories that we think you might like, into this list for your perusal.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Jackery SuperCharge 20000 power bank for $44.99 ($35 off) with Amazon coupon code

Power banks—especially big honkin' ones that can keep a laptop alive—can be pricey. Already down from its historical price of $79.99 to $59.99 on Amazon, the Jackery SuperCharge 20000 is a 19200 mAh pack that has both USB-A and USB-C ports to power all your thirsty devices, and the pot is even sweeter with the addition of a $15 off coupon, making for a total of $35 off.

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Here are all of Tronsmart's best deals on power banks and Bluetooth speakers for Black Friday in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe [Sponsored Post]

The season of deals is upon us. Whether your beating down the doors of your local retailer as the salesmen huddle in fear, or you've pinned a couple hundred tabs for relentless refreshing, you're probably ready. And we know you know a deal when you see it, so here's a list of all the best Tronsmart products that are currently on sale. From power banks to headphones, and chargers to speakers, there are some pretty big discounts to take advantage of. 

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