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RAVPower 20,100mAh USB-C 45W power bank review: It has issues

There are a ton of cheap batteries out there to choose from, so when we do reviews for them here at Android Police, we tend to be pretty picky. USB-C is a must-have from our mobile-first perspective, and anything less than 30W of output is a bit of a snooze. Thankfully, 45W seems to be the new high-end standard going into 2019, and RAVPower's new 20,100mAh battery ostensibly delivers that now-essential level of power for a mere $60. That's $140 less than what Mophie is charging for its similarly-spec'd 26,000mah battery, and Android Police readers can even get an extra $9 off via our exclusive coupon.

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BESTEK's Wireless Charging Pad and Power Bank are 60% off [Sponsored Post]

If you are looking for a reliable way to wirelessly charge your phone or keep some extra juice tucked away in a pocket when away from home, then look no further than BESTEK's Wireless Charging Pad and Power Bank. Not only does this combination of products ensure that you'll never have to worry about your phone running out of power at home or on the go, but you can snag them both from BESTEK Mall for 60% off their retail price while supplies last.

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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 offers 45W USB-C charging and 20,000mAh capacity, launches for $29 in China

Beside being known for making affordable but good smartphones, Xiaomi has a large ecosystem of accessories and smart home products that stretch the value-for-money equation to its limit. Its latest addition is something quite universal: a power bank. But true to its name, Xiaomi's new Mi Power Bank 3 offers a lot for a very accessible, nearly unseen price.

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[Deal Alert] Tronsmart 10,000mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 just $14 ($9 off) on Amazon with promo code

One can never have enough power banks. There's always one more place you can leave them just in case you need some emergency juice. With a promo code, this 10,000mAh Tronsmart battery with Quick Charge 3.0 drops to $13.99, a price so low that you might consider buying a few just as backup.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Jackery SuperCharge 20000 power bank for $44.99 ($35 off) with Amazon coupon code

Power banks—especially big honkin' ones that can keep a laptop alive—can be pricey. Already down from its historical price of $79.99 to $59.99 on Amazon, the Jackery SuperCharge 20000 is a 19200 mAh pack that has both USB-A and USB-C ports to power all your thirsty devices, and the pot is even sweeter with the addition of a $15 off coupon, making for a total of $35 off.

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260,000 AmazonBasics power banks recalled for fire risk

Amazon is recalling six models of power banks in its AmazonBasics line, totaling about 260,000 units, due to 53 reports of overheating in the US. One of these reports caused chemical burns, and four caused property damage.

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Razer's new (expensive) power bank charges all the things, even your USB-C laptop

Razer, are you okay? You need help? I only ask because this new power bank doesn't have any unnecessary glowing LED accents, which is sort of your thing. This unusually understated battery has a capacity of 12,800mAh, which is on the large side. The real selling point here is that Razer's power bank can fast charge any phone, or even a laptop with USB Type-C.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon's 20000mAh Solar Juice External Battery Is $19.98 On Amazon After Coupon Code ($27.90 Off)

External battery packs come in all shapes and sizes, but there's something about a solar panel that makes me want one more. I conjure up images of a battery that never dies and never needs to be charged, that can get me through a power outage after a summer hurricane with an overabundance of energy.

In reality, ZeroLemon's Solar Juice power banks might reach a full charge after several days of optimal sunlight. Fortunately, they're good external batteries in other ways. They're water, dust, and shock resistant. They come with two USB ports. They also offer a flashlight. Then there is the generous capacity.

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[Deal Alert] KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Pack Reduced To $12.50 On Amazon With Coupon Code

For some people, an external battery pack provides comfort during a power outage. For others, it's a necessity, a way to avoid being alone once the sun sets.

Either way, don't spend your money on a charger that can only re-power your phone once before blowing its load. Instead, wait for a deal online and get something that can go five times as long.

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[Deal Alert] Take $8 Off Choetech 15.6k mAh Quick Charge 2.0 External Battery Pack With Amazon Coupon Code

So you're at a gathering and your Android phone's about to die. Not only that, so is your friend's iPhone. Basically, in a few minutes, all the things will be dead. You could beg around for a couple of chargers, but then you'll have to trust that no one will take your device when you walk away or deal with being tethered to the wall until you have a reasonable charge.

This is when you want an external battery pack like the Choetech 15,600mAh one available on Amazon. The battery currently goes for $40, but if you enter the coupon code YDUKCSCX at checkout, you can take $8 off.

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