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Death Road to Canada just made a pit stop on the Play Store on its way to the Great White North

Back in April Rocketcat Games announced that Death Road to Canada was finally coming to Android. After a 6-month wait, it would appear that it's officially landed on the Play Store with a price tag of $9.99, a whole $5 cheaper than its PC counterpart. You can expect all of the same pixel-based zombie killing gameplay where you are tasked with managing a car full of jerks as they venture forward to the zombie-free Great White North.

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Team 17's 'Sheltered' just came out of hiding and has clawed its way onto the Play Store

Team 17 just released their base-building strategy survival game Sheltered on the Play Store. It is a port of the PC and console releases, and it retains everything those titles contain including a premium price point. The gist of the game has you protecting 4 family members in a post-apocalyptic world by venturing into an unsafe land in order to provide for your family. You can pick it up today for $3.99.

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Post apocalyptic physics platformer 'Mushroom 11' sprouts on Android today

Have you ever wanted to shape an amorphous blob of goo with your finger as a way of traversing an eerily beautiful post-apocalyptic world? Well, today is your lucky day, weirdo. Developer Untame has released their popular physics platformer Mushroom 11 on Android. This game is new to the Play Store, so reviews are few and far between. If Steam reviews are anything to go on, we're in for a treat.

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