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Amazon's new portable Echo Input has 10-hour battery life, launches first in India

India is an increasingly important market for Amazon’s retail business as a whole and its smart speaker line in part. The Echo range commanded close to 60 percent of the local market last year and gained support for the Hindi language this September to reach a broad base of non-English speakers. Maintaining that trajectory, and by popular demand, Amazon today introduced the portable Echo Input — its second battery-powered Alexa smart speaker — in the Indian market.

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Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft unite: Data Transfer Project promises portability between services

Many of our readers should be familiar with Takeout, ostensibly now called "Download your Data," which allows you to back up a copy of all the information associated with your account for most of Google's services. Right now you can even use it to transition your Drive storage between providers, but thanks to the upcoming open-source Data Transfer Project—publicized yesterday in a joint effort with Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook—that data may someday be as portable as your phone. 

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy has Logitech's Logi Circle security camera for $120 ($80 off)

Security cameras continue to grow in popularity. Not only do we have offerings from Nest and Netgear's Arlo, but Logitech has gotten into the game. The Logi Circle is on sale over at Best Buy right now for $119.99, meaning that you can save $80 off of the total MSRP.

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PadPivot Review: The Best Tablet Stand Around That's Designed Primarily To Sit On Your Knee

While the boom in the tablet market has certainly seen a gold rush from manufacturers eager to capitalize on the new craze (whether it be with Android or Windows RT), there's an equally-eager market that's attempting to cash in: accessories. Some of them are great, some are bafflingly weird. The PadPivot probably sits somewhere in between. This little thing is designed to fold up and easily slip into a pocket or purse. When you need it, you can unfold it, set it up, and prop your tablet on a makeshift stand that fits comfortably on your knee.


So, it's as normal and useful as a thing can be that's designed primarily to be used by your lower thigh.

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CUBEDGE EDGE.sound Bluetooth Speaker Review: High Quality Crippled By Mediocre Tuning

Portable speakers are a dime a dozen these days, running the full gamut of prices from $30 to $300 (and likely beyond). They come in all shapes and sizes, too - from the small Satechi Swift to the almost-a-boombox Jambox Big. Short story long, there are many to choose from, no matter your requirements.

The most well-known is the Jawbone Jambox. It puts out solid sound, comes in a portable and attractive package, and has good name recognition. But though the sound is good, it isn't necessarily the best, and you pay a premium for the name. Nevertheless, it seems Edge has drawn its inspiration the slightly smaller and more expensive Jambox - but can it measure up?

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Satechi Swift Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review: $30 Of Awesome

When it comes to speakers, cost can make a huge difference. Cheaper speakers tend to pack lower-grade materials, while more expensive ones tend to pack better. But every now and then, you'll find a true gem; a speaker that performs well above its price range. And luckily for me, the Satechi Swift is such a gem.

Portable Bluetooth speakers in particular are a dime a dozen, though the most well known is undoubtedly the Jawbone Jambox. It's a good speaker, but with a retail price of nearly $200, you're paying for panache as much as you are for sound. What makes the Swift so special?

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[Game Roundup] Here Are Our Six Picks For Best New Game From June 2012

After taking a closer look at our top five favorite apps from June, it only seemed right to follow up with another roundup of our top favorites in the game category. Unable to settle on just five games for this roundup, we decided to include six of June's best entries into the Play Store. Of course, there were a ton of worthy competitors for the top six spots, so choosing wasn't easy, but here are our favorites:

Project 83113

First up is Project 83113, a cute sidescrolling platformer from NCsoft. The game challenges players to "bring an end to the reign of the machine" by jumping, bouncing, and shooting through four unique worlds.

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[Deal Alert] Get Two 5000mAh New Trent iFuel Portable Smartphone Chargers For $40 With Coupon Code

Remember the days when your smartphone could last multiple full days without needing a charge? Haha, neither do we. But you could pretend it can if you have a portable charger. The New Trent iFuel 5000mAh charger is on sale today for $40, but with coupon code CONGRATS, you can get a second charger for free. Carrying around 10,000mAh of spare electricity for your gadgets has never been so cheap!


ifuel ifuel2 2012-06-01_13h23_18

To reiterate, there are two deals going on here. The normal price of the device is $69, but that's been cut down to $39. To get the second charger, add a second unit to your cart and add coupon code CONGRATS before paying (as seen above), and the price of one unit will be knocked off your total.

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[Updated] Primo Battery Cube Review: Extra Juice On The Go + Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago, Engadget ran a piece on a new product from a company called Phonesuit aimed at smartphone users with MiniUSB and MicroUSB charging ports (this should cover every Android phone as far as I know). Shortly after Engadget's piece, we were contacted by Phonesuit and offered a review unit, which we gladly accepted.

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them towards the bottom of the page.

What Exactly Is PrimoCube?

Primo Battery Cube, or just PrimoCube, is a $40 device that attaches to your phone's MicroUSB or MiniUSB power port and feeds it delicious juice - 1000mAh of it at full charge to be exact.

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App Roundup: 5 Apps That Turn Your Android Phone Into A Portable Document Scanner

Using a camera to “scan” documents to a digital format is nothing new. There are a number of PC applications available that help users turn photographed pages into PDFs or other document formats. Android enthusiasts can now enjoy the same functionality, as higher resolution cameras on mobile devices have finally allowed this application category to reach maturity. This roundup will cover 5 apps you can use to turn your Android device into a portable document scanner.

Keep in mind with all of these applications, lighting conditions and the surface on which a document or book is placed will have an effect on the quality of each “scan.” You will have the best results if you place the documents as flat as possible on a dark, solid color surface in a well lit area.

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