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UE Megaboom 3 speaker deals include choice of all-time low price ($100 off) or charging dock bundle

Ultimate Ears has done the seemingly impossible by managing to create, not one, but an entire lineup of recognizable, portable Bluetooth speakers among a crowded field of competitors. Right now, you can grab the Megaboom 3, the company's most advanced waterproof speaker, for an all-time low of $119.99 at Amazon and Best Buy — with the latter throwing in a free charging dock that usually retails for $39.99 on its own.

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Ultimate Ears BLAST Bluetooth speaker is on sale at Amazon for just $60 ($20 off)

It can be difficult to get premium sound without paying a premium price — if you're not shelling out the big bucks, things can sound tinny and thin. If you're on the hunt for a great speaker at a great price, you're in luck: Logitech's Ultimate Ears BLAST is on sale at Amazon for $60 ($20 off).

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Pow Audio's new speakers can fold up for portability and charge your devices

Bluetooth speakers might not seem like the most exciting product category, but it turns out there's still room for a little innovation. At CES 2020, POW Audio announced two new speakers that fold up for increased portability: the Una Biz and Una Ultra.

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Today only: Save up to $175 on Anker power banks, projectors, earbuds, and accessories

Whether you're looking for a power bank, new wireless speakers, true wireless headphones, or a projector, Anker's range of products is known to be reliable and affordable. Thanks to a special deal on the company's lineup, you can save up to $175 on a bunch of products today on Amazon.

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[Update: $79.95 now] Deal alert: JBL Pulse 2 is down to $95 on Amazon, half off its original MSRP

If you still have just a little bit of cash left in your pocket after the craziness that was the whole Black Friday week/month, and if I can find it in myself to write another one of these deals, let's have a quick chat.

JBL makes really awesome speakers with great sound. We love them. This Pulse 2 isn't just a portable Bluetooth speaker though, it also lights up and changes with your music.

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FABRIQ Chorus review: Standing out from the crowd

Fabriq is a relatively-new speaker brand. Its first product was the Fabriq RIFF, a speaker about the size of an Echo Dot, but covered with a soft fabric in a variety of patterns. Not only did it have the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, but you could connect more than one for synced multi-speaker playback (like Google Cast/AirPlay). The Riff used either a direct microUSB connection for charging, or the included charging dock.

Today, Fabriq unveiled its second speaker, the Chorus. In most regards, it's a larger and more powerful version of the Riff, but with the added bonus of Alexa always-listening for commands (the Riff required a button press to activate Alexa).

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[Deal Alert] Get a refurbished UE MEGABOOM for $140 at Best Buy (53% off $300 MSRP)

Boom boom goes the speaker and megaboom goes its price. If you want big sound in a portable Bluetooth speaker, UE's MEGABOOM is a great place to start, especially if you have the dough to finance it. The waterproof and shockproof speaker is often a little discounted past its $299.99 MSRP, but it always hovers around the $240 mark like it is currently on Amazon.

But if you don't mind getting a refurbished unit, there's a nicer deal to be had at Best Buy. It's offering a refurb UE MEGABOOM for $139.99, with 2-year warranty for parts and labor, and covered under Best Buy's Return and Exchange promise.

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[Deal Alert] UE Boom 2 on sale for $130, down from $200, on Amazon (multiple colors available)

One of the finest $200 Bluetooth speakers out there is the UE Boom 2. I own one and it is a benchmark device that I use to compare any speaker in a similar price range that is sent to me for testing. Few sound as good as it does, and none also boast all the other great features the speaker offers. Those features include an eye-catching design, long battery life, a waterproof and shockproof body, and Google Now voice integration.

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Review: The JBL Clip 2 is a pint-sized speaker that punches above its weight

Last week I reviewed the largest portable Bluetooth speaker I've ever seen. This week, the speaker we're looking at slots in at the opposite end of the spectrum. It's called the JBL Clip 2 ($60), and you'd need 44 of them to balance the scales with one Braven BRV XXL. Sure it's smaller, but its compact size makes it about a thousand times more portable, giving it a complete different set of uses. Is it any good? Read on and you'll find out.

What's in the box

  • The JBL Clip 2
  • MicroUSB charging cable
  • Instructions & warranty information

Notable features

  • IPX7 waterproof: Go ahead and dunk it, it can take it, as deep as 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.
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[Deal Alert] UE's Stellar Sounding Ultra Portable Speaker, The UE Roll 360, $30 Off On Amazon For A Limited Time

The UE Roll may be the most diminutive member of UE's proud Bluetooth speaker family, but it's also the most portable. Weighing in at just 11 oz, the Roll punches above its weight class with surprisingly loud and clear audio for such a low profile device.

In addition to sounding great, the Roll also is waterproof and has a permanently attached marine grade bungee cord that you can use to hang the speaker on things. Things like your backpack, skateboard, dog, or the side of your head (if you buy two, you can put one on each side of your head for true stereo sound).

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