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PornHub does what Google won't, releases Android version stats for 2019

One of our long-time traditions here at Android Police was covering the monthly updates to the Android Platform Distribution statistics, which highlighted how quickly (or more often, how slowly) new versions of Android rolled out to the masses. However, Google hasn't provided new numbers since May of this year, leaving us in the dark about how Android 10's rollout was going, but one company has stepped up to the plate - PornHub.

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Pornhub made a free VPN (that's totally not just for watching porn)

Adult entertainment website Pornhub has created its own VPN service. VPNhub (obviously) is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, and even has an ad-supported free option for mobile. As free VPNs are becoming increasingly rare (another one bit the dust just last month), it could be worth your consideration.

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[NSFW] Pornhub Announces Pornhub Premium, An Ad-Free Subscription Service With Android, Roku, And Virtual Reality Apps On The Way

You know that website, that one you've never visited or heard of? It's called Porn...hut? Wait, no, it's Pornhub. Yeah, that place your friend visits sometimes. Well, tell your friend that Pornhub is launching a new subscription service that they promise will make them the "Netflix of porn."

Pornhub Premium logo (PRNewsFoto/Pornhub)Pornhub Premium will cost you $9.99/month and give access to some member-exclusive videos, an ad-free interface, and Android and Roku apps when they come out in the near future. By early 2016, they say, support for virtual reality devices will be ready to go for subscribers as well. Platform support will surely be limited by various content restrictions, but there shouldn't be any problems getting the app installed on Android devices once it comes out.

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