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Android Q Beta 2 brings back individual volume channel controls in new pop-up

Less than a month after the first one, Android Q Beta 2 has landed with a decent amount of changes in tow. Among those changes is a convenient new volume pop-up to control all of the different volumes without having to enter the settings app.

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Mozilla working on in-page popup blocker for Firefox

The days of native popups in browsers are long gone, but sites still frequently use in-page alerts like the one above. They are completely useless most of the time, and usually violate the Better Ads Standards (potentially causing the site to lose revenue from Chrome users). While Firefox isn't outright blocking ads on some sites like Chrome is, the browser's developers are working on a blocker for these popups.

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YouTube app is testing another revamp that makes comments both more and less prominent

Out of all the Google apps that receive server-side changes, YouTube is one of the most prominent examples. It seems like YouTube is always experimenting with some sort of revamp, whether the changes are large or small. In this case, the changes are rather large; the comments section, which has been made a pop-up instead of a permanent part of the UI, now has an icon alongside the 'like' and 'dislike' functions.

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Total Commander For Android Leaves Beta, Moves Into Release Candidate Stage - Finally, No More Annoying Beta Popups

About a month ago, I discovered that my favorite desktop file manager, Total Commander, had an Android implementation, written by the author of the program himself - Christian Ghisler.

If you need a recap of all the awesomeness TC brings to the table on both Android phones and tablets, and why it replaced Root Explorer, ASTRO, and all other file managers for me, go ahead and read [Total Nerdgasm] Total Commander For Android Is Very Real And Functional, With Root Support And Plugins - No Ads And Free Forever - I'll wait right here.

The app, which is currently not available in the Market but rather via download links found in the TC forum, was just updated to RC1 from Beta10, which means it's finally considered stable enough by the author for daily use (really, it was stable enough as of beta 10 as well).

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QuickDesk 0.4 Now In The Market, Brings QuickPanel Task Switcher, UI Redesign; PRO Version Coming

There are a couple of Android programs that are so brilliant and well done that you can't imagine your life without them. For me, these programs are Launcher Pro, Titanium Backup, and QuickDesk. QuickDesk is ingenious and always makes those who see it for the first time beg me to tell them what it is. Minutes ago, Faruq, the QuickDesk developer, published a completely redesigned and long awaited version 0.4 to the Market, and it is good. Damn good.

To give you a brief background on the app, with QuickDesk, you double tap on the Home button and a quick overlay pops up on top of the current app without taking over and destroying whatever is going on on the screen.

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