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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes brings multiplayer card battles to the casual franchise

Plants vs. Zombies started as a fairly simple lane-based tower defense game, much loved thanks to its tight gameplay and whimsical style. But like any casual game that gets a big following, it's now branching into other genres as well. The Garden Warfare spinoffs on consoles have done well as Team Fortress-style multiplayer shooters, and now PopCap is going after another multiplayer giant: Hearthstone. PvZ Heroes, now out of geo-limited beta, brings semi-random card decks into the eternal undead-rhododendron fight.

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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Update Includes New Far Future World With More Levels, Plants, And Zombies

How goes your crusade against the walking undead? No, not the vampires, the zombies. Taking on the shambling masses is getting a little sci-fi twist today with v2.1.1 of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The new far future world includes a ton of new content, and an old favorite feature from the original is making its triumphant return.

The new zone includes 24 levels, 8 new plants, and 10 new space-themed zombies. Gameplay is essentially unchanged with most of the content available for free and a few things locked behind IAP paywalls. At least it's not so bad since they killed off the star/gate system a while back.

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[New Game] A Huge Wave Of Zombies Is Approaching: Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Has Launched Worldwide

It's been a long time since we battled the undead with offensive plants, but the time has come again to team up with Crazy Dave and save your brains from the zombie hordes. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is live all around the world right this minute. Things are a little different this time, though. Plants vs. Zombies 2 takes you on a trip through time, which also happens to be infested with zombies. They must have skipped over that in the history books.

The gameplay is mostly like it has always been, but with a few new plants and a ton of new zombies.

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[New Game] EA Launches Bejeweled Blitz On Android So You Can Match Gems With Friends

If you've never played Bejeweled before, you're probably in the minority of human beings in the developed world. This series of puzzle games is a classic and thoroughly addictive in just about every form it's ever taken. After being available on iOS and Facebook for a while, Bejeweled Blitz has reached Android, and it's free to download (you should know what that means by now).

Bejeweled Blitz is based around the tried-and-true matching gameplay with some additional social elements built in. There is also a time limit, hence the "blitz" part. You can play against Facebook friends, or just spam your news feed with Bejeweled updates.

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Plants Vs. Zombies And Peggle Finally Land In The Android Market, But Don't Get Excited Just Yet - Your Device May Not Be Supported

We've all certainly been waiting quite a while for PvZ and Peggle to shed their Amazon Appstore exclusivity and land in the Android Market. That day has finally arrived, but it's not all good in the hood - in typical EA fashion, many users are getting the old "your device is not supported" crap when trying to install either game.

In case you don't recall, the original creator of both games, PopCap, was purchased by EA for a cool $1.3 Billion back in July. EA is known for having less-than-ideal device support, and it looks like these two games are no exception.

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[Update: It's Live!] Peggle Coming Exclusively To The Amazon Appstore June 21st, Free Of Charge - $2.99 Thereafter

Update 6/21/11: The game just went live on the Amazon Appstore, go get it!


P.S. Unavailable on the Hero and XOOM but available on the Tab 10.1 and EVO? I can maybe understand the Hero, but the XOOM?..

Update: According to the comments, the game should work on devices listed as unavailable - you just have to buy it in the web version of the Appstore and then download as usual within the Appstore app. Odd stuff.


Phandroid's just been tipped that the absurdly popular puzzle game Peggle will be heading to Android (finally) tomorrow - via the Amazon Appstore.

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PopCap's Plants Vs Zombies Finally Reaches Android - Free Download Today On The Amazon Appstore

The wait is over, guys - PopCap's hands down best game, Plants Vs Zombies, finally reached Android minutes ago after many months of anticipation. Normally $2.99, PvZ is available for free exclusively on the Amazon Android Appstore.

The game is a little on the heavy side - be prepared to dedicate 75MB of free space to it (though at least in CyanogenMod, all but 232KB can be moved to SD without any problems).

After a period of exclusivity, PopCap will upload it to the Android Market for everyone to use - until then, it's just us, U.S. folks. Sorry, rest of the world :( (unless you use the tricks posted in the comments that is ;)).

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Begun, The Market Wars Have: Plants vs. Zombies Coming Exclusively To Amazon App Store May 30

Are you ready for some Plants vs. Zombies? We know you've been waiting for it (I certainly have). Just a little bit longer: Plants vs. Zombies will be available on the Amazon App Store starting late this month (presumably May 30 or 31) for the low, low price of free. The app will be free on its debut-day (May 30), then for 2 weeks will be exclusively available on the Amazon App Store, in a deal similar to that which Rovio had with Amazon upon the release of Angry Birds Rio.

PopCap games, the developer of Plants vs. Zombies, has also revealed that the developer's second most popular title, Chuzzle, will be hitting the Amazon App Store tomorrow.

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Bring It On: PopCap Is Bringing Plants Vs. Zombies To Android Within The Next Two Months

I remember when I first saw Plants vs. Zombies. I believe it was before I had an Android phone (*gasp*) and, even though it originated on the desktop, a friend of mine showed it to me on his iPhone. Once I got my OG Droid, it was one of the first games that I searched for in the Market, but of course it was irritatingly absent. So I waited... and waited... and waited.


Finally all of that waiting has [almost] paid off, because Popcap has officially announced that Plants Vs Zombies would be coming to Android within the next two months!

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