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YouTube Gaming v1.5 adds chat overlay to full-screen videos, landscape orientation, watch history, a new easter egg, and more [APK Download]

It has been about six weeks since the last YouTube Gaming update rolled out, and it's clear the developers have been keeping pretty busy on making changes. The latest update has quite a few improvements to be found throughout the app, not to mention at least one feature that might be considered pretty huge. Topping the list is a new live comment stream that overlays gameplay videos so you can see the action and watch the commentary at the same time. A few features have been moved to more convenient places and a video history is now available. Finally, there's a new easter egg, and it's pretty awesome.

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Twitch Android App Updated With A Pop-Out Player That Can Show Video On Top Of Other Apps, But It's Pretty Janky Right Now

Video game live-streaming platform Twitch had a bit of an odd day yesterday. First the Android app was updated to version 4.2, with a new feature called the Pop-Out Player as the only addition. We tried out the app to see the feature... which didn't work. But that was apparently the least of Twitch's problems, as reviews on the Play Store and posts to Twitter immediately claimed that the update had made the app crash whenever it tried to launch video. (That's a big deal if you're a video streaming service.) In a matter of hours the Play Store app was rolled back to the previous version.

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