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YouTube's Material Design makeover is now an open beta

It's been just over a year since Google first started publicly testing a new Material Design makeover for the YouTube website. The design has gradually rolled out to some users, but many (myself included) had yet to get it officially. Now YouTube is allowing anyone to try it out.

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Chrome's Number Of Monthly Active Users On Mobile Devices Has Doubled Over The Past Year

During the keynote address yesterday for this year's Chrome Dev Summit, VP of Chrome Darin Fisher shared some numbers about the mobile web browser's rate of adoption. tl;dr, people are flocking to Chrome, and fast. Over the past year, the number of 30 day active users has doubled from 400 million to 800 million.

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Exclusive: Quantum Paper And Google's Upcoming Effort To Make Consistent UI Simple

There have been a lot of leaks and rumors leading up to Google I/O this year. From Gmail to your Android device's home screen, nothing has been spared. Through all of this, we've seen some really interesting and non-traditional Android app designs, with matching web counterparts, that have made readers rightfully question their validity, and Google's design direction.

We've received new information related to what appears to be a new design paradigm for all Google's products across all platforms that should help explain what we've been seeing - say hello to Quantum Paper.


Right off the bat, it seems necessary to clear up that Quantum is the new design direction we've seen in recent leaks, including our post on Project Hera.

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