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Telegram 5.14 adds multiple-answer and quiz polls (APK Download)

Telegram is a messaging app jam-packed with features, but it isn't resting on its laurels. A new version of the app includes reworked options for creating polls, allowing people to create multiple-answer polls and quizzes.

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Instagram adds two-option polls to Stories because otherwise you'll never know if people like you

Sure, you're out there every day, posting Instagram Stories and generally oversharing with the world. But... does anyone like what you're doing? If only there were a way to collect the opinions of friends and internet acquaintances via your Stories. Well, now there is with the new two-option polls in Instagram Stories.

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You can now make polls in Allo, but only for yes/no questions

Allo has steadily added more functionality since launch, including more chatbots. The first was Lucky, a bot that can search for GIFs from a given word or phrase. Another one has now appeared in Allo, allowing users to create polls.

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YouTube v12.03 hints at intelligent auto-download for offline viewing, Picture-in-Picture support for Android TV, and viewer polls [APK Teardown]

YouTube has been racking up a long list of features awaiting release – some discovered in teardowns and others have even been announced. The version that began rolling out late yesterday doesn't appear to have introduced anything like live broadcasts or a wide release of the quick seek button, but it does add to the list of things we know are coming. A teardown of the APK turns up evidence of a new feature to intelligently fill a device with videos for offline enjoyment, online polling for live broadcast viewers, and Picture-in-Picture support on Android TV.

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It's Nearly Two Years Later And Android Wear Still Has Connectivity Issues—What's The Deal, Google? [Poll]

It's time for some real talk about Android Wear. If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't sold on the idea of a smart watch when Wear was announced. Even after using the original G Watch I wasn't sure I'd find value in having Android on my wrist. It took a few updates for Wear to find a place in my life, but through it all there have been bugs. Some of that is to be expected, but here we are nearly two years after Android Wear launched and connectivity is still bad for a lot of users. While I quite like Wear now, you have to wonder why this is still a problem.

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Twitter Introduces Option To Embed Basic Two-Choice Polls In Your Tweets

Twitter opinions are a dime a dozen. Actually, no, they're much cheaper than that. People give them out for free. Let something happen, online or off, and someone will take to Twitter to offer their two cents.

But that doesn't stop people from tweeting out questions. Understandably, sometimes you want to get a gauge of how your followers feel in particular. Thing is, most people will overlook that tweet, and you're mostly likely to get feedback from the folks who care the most, negatively or positively.

Now Twitter is rolling out the ability to tweet polls, increasing your likelihood of getting engagement from the more passive among us.

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[Weekend Poll Classics] Are You Using A Custom Launcher On Your Phone?

The last time we asked the custom launcher question was, surprisingly, over two years ago. Among "yes," "I have used one but don't anymore," and "no, and I have never used one," the results were 67%, 25%, and 7%, respectively. So, let's see what those numbers look like now that some more time has passed.

I personally install the Google Now Launcher on pretty much any phone that comes across my desk, because I just like the consistency and simplicity. While I definitely understand the appeal of, say, Nova Launcher, I just don't spend much time manicuring and perfecting my homescreens.

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[Weekend Poll] Have You Ever Pledged Money To A Technology Crowdfunding Campaign?

This weekend's question isn't explicitly about Android or even smartphones, but it is something highly relevant to most of us who follow technology: crowdfunding! Now, whatever your feelings on crowdfunding may be (I'm not a fan!), perhaps you've ventured a little cash on one at some point or another. We have covered many, many Kickstarters and Indiegogo projects on Android Police, so it'll be interesting to see just how many of you have actually pledged to a campaign.

Today's poll is just about technology crowdfunding, though, primarily because there's also a huge art funding scene out there on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other sites, so I'd prefer to limit our results to people expecting actual tech products or services as opposed to content or other sorts of things that end up on these sites in droves.

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[Not Weekend Poll] The Nexus Trio: Which Of Them Are You Buying?

Alright, we had a triple-Nexus drop this morning (or afternoon/evening depending on your geographic location), and undoubtedly some of you are planning on buying some of these Nexus things. I know I am absolutely buying a Nexus 6. I am not sure I'll love it, but it does have most of the things I want in a phone. A Nexus 9, or Nexus Player? Not so much, for me.


But this is about you: which of the new Nexuses are you planning on buying? One? Two? All three? Just vote!

Will you buy a Nexus 6?

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Google+ Adds Support For Polls, Rolling Out To Android And Web In The Next Few Days

Perhaps you've seen Artem's makeshift Google+ polls where you plus a comment to cast your vote. That's all well and good, but it's not very elegant. The newly announced poll support in Google+ will be much better. You might have to wait a few days for it, though.

polls-partners-3.002 polls-partners-3.003 polls-partners-3.004 polls-partners-3.001

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