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Weekend poll: Are you using a broken phone?

Accidents happen, and sometimes there just isn't room in the budget to pick up a new phone when the old one faceplants onto the sidewalk. If your spare is still running Froyo and the cracked glass isn't splintering off into your fingers (yet), you might decide to stick with the dinged-up device — at least, for a while. Whether you're waiting on an insurance claim or a good deal, are you using a phone that is broken, cracked, or damaged in some way?

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Weekend poll: Have you subscribed to Google Play Pass?

Googles new monthly subscription-based app service called Play Pass landed just earlier this week, promising access to hundreds of apps for $5 a month — or $2 for your first year if you subscribe before October 10th. We've told you how to set it up, we've put together a list of all the apps included that we can find, and we've explained who we think it's a good value for. With each of us being our own app connoisseur, have you decided to pick up a subscription to Google Play Pass?

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Weekend poll: Would you buy a phone without Google's apps?

Huawei's much-anticipated Mate 30 was finally revealed just last week, but among the headlining features was a distinct omission: The phone won't ship with access to Google's apps or services, including the Play Store. As an otherwise great-sounding device on paper, we're curious to know if you would ever consider buying a phone like the Mate 30 even if it doesn't come with Google's apps

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Weekend poll: Are you buying one of Apple's new iPhones?

Following the avalanche of leaks, we're all pretty excited for Google's upcoming Pixel 4. But, although the Pixel 4 may have been the biggest news here at Android Police, Apple's new iPhone 11s have been dominating the headlines otherwise. Now that we've seen the Pixel 4, and with a good chunk of our audience reading these very words from an iPhone, we're curious to know how many of you might have pre-ordered one of Apple's new phones.

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Weekend poll: Have you updated to Android 10? What do you think?

Google has finally released Android 10 after six months of beta testing. As usual, Pixels have picked up this latest version, and the Essential Phone has continued its habit of timely updates. The last wave of OnePlus flagships also picked up Android 10, but only via the Open Betas. At the time of writing, Android 10 is still something of an exclusive club — have you updated to it? How do you like it?

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Weekend poll: When was the last time your phone's battery died?

We take battery life for granted these days. Not that long ago, being able to pull four or five hours of so-called "screen-on time" was a fantasy, but now it's a milestone almost every flagship phone can reach. At the end of the day, most of us probably plug in a phone that isn't anywhere near dead. With so much longevity becoming a standard and expected feature, when was the last time your phone's battery actually died?

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Weekend poll: Do you own any Nest products?

Google's Nest branch has been in the news quite a lot in the past week. We heard about the rumored Nest Mini, and the migration of Nest accounts to Google has started — which triggers a loss of IFTTT support, among other confusing design behavior. With Nest on our minds and Nest products in so many of our homes, I'm curious how many of our readers use Nest gadgets.

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Weekend poll: Would you pay $5/month for a library of paid Android games and other apps?

Late last month, Google was spotted testing a new subscription service called "Google Play Pass." In a similar vein to Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass promises access to a library of games and apps for a flat $5 monthly fee. The subscription service is in limited testing right now, but we're curious to know if you'd sign up when (or if) it expands.

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Weekend poll: Are you getting a Samsung Galaxy Note10?

Samsung's latest Galaxy Note10 was released just earlier this week, and this year the Note is a whole series of devices in two different sizes, with a 5G variant. The company's vision for the Note series has definitely changed, and it remains to be seen if public opinion has changed with it. But as the latest major Android phone to land, and with pre-orders formally open, we have to ask: Are you going to buy a Note10?

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Weekend poll: Do you use Android Auto?

Earlier this week, Google pushed out a big new update for Android Auto, marking the first really substantial change since the in-dash software platform landed in cars all the way back in 2015. Between the standalone app and the fact that most car makers now support Android Auto in their high-end infotainment systems, odds are that many of you have at least tried it out over the last few years. Do you use Android Auto now?

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