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Weekend poll: Is your phone set to update apps on the Play Store automatically?

Following the Readers' Choice award and our holiday hiatus, the Android Police weekend poll is back. The first question of 2020 is simple: Do you have the Play Store set to automatically update apps on your phone or not?

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Vote for the Android Police 2019 Readers' Choice Smartphone of the Year (Update: Last day to vote)

There are only about two weeks left in 2019, and before we all go our separate ways for the holidays, there's one last thing that needs to be decided. You've had a week to nominate phones, now it's time to choose. Vote now to crown the Android Police Readers' Choice Smartphone of the Year.

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Weekend poll: Why did you last upgrade your phone?

With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday just ahead, odds are a good chunk of you just bought a new phone — or you're planning to. Whether you've got spec envy, you're moving carriers, or your old phone is just broken, there are plenty of reasons for wanting an upgrade. It may have been just yesterday or two years ago, but was your motivation the last time you bought a new phone?

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Weekend poll: Will you buy anything specific on Black Friday?

We're coming up on that time of year where the discounts flow like aunt May's Thanksgiving tears. After those sessions of stuffed turkey, and in the wake of rambling fights with family over politics and career choices (BLOGGING IS A REAL JOB), do you plan on buying anything between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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Weekend poll: Do you plan on signing up for Stadia Pro?

It might have slipped under your radar, but Google's game streaming service Stadia formally launches in just a couple of days, on November 19th. Unfortunately, not everyone who pre-ordered one of the early editions will get it on day one, but at least the twelve launch titles include a few big names like Red Dead Redemption 2 and the latest Tomb Raider titles. Of course, as a service, there's the question of pricing, and Stadia has a few different options. Are you planning to get the $10 a month Stadia Pro service, will you stick with the free tier, or are you uninterested in Stadia at all?

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Weekend poll: Which pocket do you put your phone in?

Right now, you're probably reading these very words from a phone gripped in your hand, but it doesn't always stay there. Once you're done scrolling your feeds or talking to friends, it gets put away for a few seconds/minutes/hours. When you aren't tossing it onto a desk or table, where does it end up most of the time? Do you slide it into a purse or a pocket, and which side does it end up on?

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Weekend poll: Do you use a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other wearables?

The announcement of Google's $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit has turned plenty of heads this week. Even if it doesn't end up being Wear OS's salvation, it could be a herald for bigger changes in the wearable ecosystem. Whether you see that ecosystem as vibrant or stagnant is a matter of personal opinion, but there is a decent selection to choose from. So, do you use a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other wearable "smart" device?

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Weekend poll: What app do you use for SMS or RCS messaging?

Between the US carriers promising a cross-network RCS solution and the discovery of a Google-based workaround widely enabling RCS via the Messages app, we've got messaging on the mind here at Android Police. Whether you're among those who recently flipped the RCS switch in Google Messages, an RCS old-hand with a supported Samsung device on a compatible carrier, or someone sticking to SMS for now, you've got to use an app to do it. (When it comes to RCS, you might not even have a choice.) So, which app are you using for SMS/RCS messaging?

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Weekend poll: Are you buying a Pixel 4?

Although we've known pretty much everything about the phones for ages, Google's Pixel 4 and 4 XL were finally formally announced just last week. Pre-orders opened the day of the reveal, starting at $799, and although reviews have yet to be released, shipping dates are beginning to creep up on us, with some expected to land early. So, have you taken the plunge and pre-ordered a Pixel 4?

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Weekend poll: Will you tune in for Google's upcoming Pixel 4 launch event?

We don't have many questions left when it comes to the Google Pixel 4 — chief among the few unknowns being final pricing and retail availability. But even those last lingering concerns should be addressed in just a few days at the upcoming Made by Google hardware event in New York City. On October 15th, your Android Police editors will be among those in attendance to cover the anticipated Pixel 4 unveiling. Do you plan on watching live?

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